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My IC was under control...then

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  • My IC was under control...then

    I was diagnosed with IC about 3 years ago. I used Elmiron for about a year, but I still had flare every few weeks. I switch to Desert Harvest Extra Strength Alo Vera - and It worked beautifully for the last year and a half (3 capsules 2x a day). If I had a flare, I would take six capsules at a time and generally the flare was gone. Last February I had a nasty bladder infection (enterococcus) and took Cipro. It came back a week after I finished the antibiotics. I then took Levaquin and it kicked the infection; however, the Alo Vera doesn't seem to work for me anymore. I have flares almost non-stop. Anyone else experience this situation? Bladder Q seems to work, but I'm worried the same thing will happen. Comments please.

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    I figured I would give you a welcome now. I am a male, but I was still diagnosed with IC back in 1997. OK. I have never tried Bladder Q at all. I had been on Elmiron for years, but I never thought it was doing enough good. I just kept getting told to stay on it after all. I finally got some Cysto-Protek. (and used both) Eventually, I did start using Desert Harvest Alo Vera.(and no Elmiron) Maybe I never took 6 in a day. However, I seemed to think I was a tad better, on the whole, with the Cysto-Protek and Elmiron.(and back again) Regardless, I never seem to think I have got my IC under control good enough. I just never complained of pain with mine.(although I did view a pic of my bladder) OK. I am currently using heating pad, but I deal with degenerative disc disease as well.


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      Every time I get a UTI, I flare horribly for weeks afterward. The last time this happened I decided to give Prelief a try. The reviews of this product are amazing, and lots of the reviews were from IC patients. My flare ended within a couple of days. I cut back a bit on the Prelief, and my bladder began to flare again. Went back to the recommended dose, and the flare was relieved within a few hours. I do want to interject that I also had prayed for healing or help with the flare, and that's when the thought occured to me to try the Prelief.


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        Thank you Stateboro for the welcome. I have a good male friend that also has IC. It does help to share. And yes, I think living with the pain is manageable when you don't dwell on it. Thanks Tuckersmom for your reply. Every suggestion helps. I have only taken Prelief when I was going to eat or drink something with high acid. I'll try it. The Bladder Q has stopped flares, but I'm wondering if I should take it on a more regular basis.