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    Hi there~
    I've had IC flare ups on and off for about 6 years. IC is what the last urologist I went to thinks it is, and I've been able to control symptoms through diet. I get a flare up once in a while but I've managed ok.
    The both times I was pregnant, I had no symptoms, and I did not have to follow the diet as closely. This made me look into the hormone connection and IC. I've read that fluctuations in hormone levels can impact IC symptoms. Have others found this to be the case? The reason I'm even thinking of this now, is that we are trying to have another child. I'm doing a frozen embryo transfer / IVF and the first med the docs have me on is Lupron. This is supposed to suppress my hormone levels - lower my estrogen. I've been on the drug for about 5 days and I've suddenly got my IC symptoms again. I just phoned my urologist to get advice, and I was told it was a coincidence. She said there is no connection between IC and hormone levels. I'm confused. I wonder if there is a connection and if I am damaging my bladder by inducing symptoms with this drug. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with anything similar?
    Thanks so much - happy to have found this site.

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    I actually am currently pregnant having done IVF. My IC actually onset after my first round of IVF 2 years-ish ago. While the IVF doctor says it's coincidence, my urologist says hormones can affect it. What I know is, when I have done IVF and my hormone levels have been spiked my IC is worse. My IC is also worse during my period. I for one believe hormones clearly have an effect, especially int he extremes of up and down.

    There's not really any "proof" of that though since some women will tell you their symptoms are better when on their period, others will say it's worse. But just like some IC patients can eat citrus fruits and other's can't...we're all different. We just have to sort of accept that for now IC is still a bit of a mystery to doctors too!


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      I also notice I get flares around the time of ovulation every month so I definitely think there is a connection. I keep a journal along with my ovulation chart to record when I have pain what I ate and if I was stressed etc..that way I can see what triggers it.


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        I do not have children but I have experienced "flares" during ovulation and right before my period. I have read so many post stating the exact same thing. Got to be more than a coincidence!


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          I don't think there's any question that hormone levels can effect IC symptoms.

          Stay safe

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            Thank you all so much for your replies! At least now I don't feel like I'm crazy. I appreciate your thoughts


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              I believe there is absolutely a connection between hormones and IC. I get flares and/or symptoms of IC every single month during ovulation and my period and this has been happening for years. I can guarantee the IC symptoms during those times.

              It seems like so many others here have similar issues.

              Good luck with everything!

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