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    So in 2007 on a bright sunny day I woke up with what I thought was a urinary tract infection, cuz I've had them before, no big deal. Except this time the burning never went away. Every time I went to the doctor (with no insurance i may add) they tested me for a UTI and it always came back with a slight infection nothing too big so I had medicine after medicine to treat a UTI. When I saw my gyno she thought maybe it was a yeast infection so we tried some medicine and after a day it was back to burning. At the time all I had was burning. Then she said it might be IC. So in 2009 I was able to get some charity care at a local hospital and visit the urology clinic there. I got more medicine which i knew wasn't going to work but hey I needed to prove the doctor wrong. So then I came back and had a ct i think it was on my bladder, they found nothing. Next step was a cystosophy and they found nothing again. By then he said it was probably IC but he wanted me to see a gyno to find out if my bartholin abscesses i would get would cause the burning. Of course this put a dead end to my treatment because I had no health insurance and in December of 2009 I moved to Texas. And here I am...had to go to the ER a night or two ago because i saw blood after voiding. So they gave me some medicine cuz i tested for a slight infection, but of course it's not working. I did find that Evian water is helping so much in getting rid of the burning, but it costs sooo much money. I'm hoping to pick up some crystal geyser water at the dollar tree cuz the PH is over 7 so hoping that works or i'm going to go broke paying for Evian water since i drink 1.5L a day If anyone has any other suggestions I'm open to it, and where i can get some help down here in Texas

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    You might check with your local hospital about medical care for prople with no resources. The hospital's social services department should be able to answer your question.

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      Yea I thought about that but the people at the methodist hospital here in town aren't very helpful it didn't even seem like they wanted me to ask about charity care to cover my doctor bill. When I went in there for a bartholin abscess they said they don't treat those and next time to go to a gyno. lol