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    I just wanted to say how happy I am to have found the IC Network. This is both a hello-introduction and vent (as I am having a "bad day"). After trying countless over-active bladder meds, my urologist has diagnosed me with possible IC. I have been taking Elmiron for the past few months with non to minimal relief. My visit this past week my doctor tried to give me the medicine through catheter, with little success so far! After spending yesterday in bed crying and feeling sorry for myself (I have a wedding coming up and will be moving in the next couple of months) I realized I am not the only one struggling with this and decided it is time that I found support to help me get through this. While I have an amazing fiance who has been patient and understanding (as much as one who doesn't know exactly how it feels can be) I find myself feeling very alone in this struggle to feel better. So, my name is Kerri, and I hope to offer as much as a comfort here as I am looking to find.

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    Hi Kerri, I am sorry that you had to join our IC club
    I understand the frustration about treatments, I am even more limited here where I live, no option to try elmiron or other meds
    I am so glad to hear that you have a supporting man in your life, this is so important for us to have someone like that.
    I am not an English native.
    I am starting with raw food diet, juices and green smoothies and salads. Nothing else (rx meds and holistic things like cystoprotek, IC aloe vera) helps with my frequency, urgency and burning. I was also tested and I am gluten sensitive, lactose intolerant, few other food allergies, so all in all it made perfect sense to try go "raw". Fingers crossed

    Right now I am on:
    Vesicare 5 mg
    Other stuff:
    Herbal mix for bladder and kidneys
    Herbal mix for adrenals
    Fish Oil
    Bladder Control


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      Hello! Sorry to hear you're not doing too well.

      From what I understand Elmiron can take 6 months to a year+ to see benefits. That's why I am also on some meds that work more timely. Are you on anything to help manage symptoms? If not it might be worth bringing up the next time you see your doctor.

      The Allegra, Elavil, Vesicare, and Pyridium all started helping me within a week. It's only my first month on Elmiron so I would die if I didn't have those above drugs and Nucynta for flares.

      Also have you tried the IC diet (link can be found on this site)? That too can help a lot while the Elmiron starts to work.


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        I am glad you found this site, yes the diet is real important. How many cath treatments did you have? because usually it takes six treatments to start feeling relief. Also are they dmso or rescue treatments? every icer is different and you just need to find the right treatment plan. Also educate yourself as much as possible about IC. You allready have taken a good step by finding this sight. I hope and pray you feel better soon. If you need to vent or ask questions we will do our best to answer them.
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          Welcome to the site.I am new to the site as well.