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Just diagonised with IC

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  • Just diagonised with IC

    Hi my name is Patrick and today I was diagnosed with IC the urologist used cytoscope hydrodistention. I do not really get that much pain on a scale of 1-10 the pain is about a 1 and it comes and goes. However I have lots of urgency and frequency. I was prescribed elmiron, elavil, and hydroxyzine hydochloride. I do not want to take all 3 of these, I was wondering what would work best to treat the symptoms of frequency and urgency? Also After the cytoscopy I have been peeing out blood and it looks like pieces of blood clots (small pieces) is this normal?

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    Yes, blood in the urine is common after Cystos. Drinking plenty of water usually flushes things out quicker.

    May I ask why you don't want to take them all? They all do different things which is why I would guess your doctor prescribed them all.

    Elimiron restores the bladder lining. It can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to work. Elavil will work rapidly and if it works it helps with pain. As I do not have IC pain I still take it because somehow it helps my frequency. HH works in the same way Elavil does, it's an antihistamine which helps with pain again in some IC patients.

    I myself am on Elavil and Allegra (antihistamine) and Elmiron. While the first two act quickly they do not treat/repair the bladder. So I personally would take all three if I were you. If you can afford them and tolerate them.

    The IC diet is also a major tool in most IC patients. You might want to try it (link is in my signiture). After a week it also helped to aliviate my urgency.

    Best of luck!


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      Hi thanks for the advice. The reason I would like to avoid taking a bunch of meds is not to get depended on them for the rest of my life. I am also worried about long term side effects.

      The frequency and urgency can be so bad sometimes that I willing to try anything. So I will start Elavil and the antihistamine. However Elimiron is going to have to wait a bit because its very expensive and I dont have the funds right now. In the meantime I'll try Desert Harvest Aloe Vera and Cystoprotek to coat my bladder.

      Does cystoprotek help with urgency and frequency?

      Also when someone says flare does that mean only pain?
      And does the IC diet help calm urgency + frequency?
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        Ahh, I totally get that. Yeah, I get my Elmiron from Canada and it's still over $100. With my insurance it was $500.

        I hope those 2 work quickly for you. I am not familiar with those two as much so I will leave it up to the more familiar to answer on those two.

        Frequency can be such a nightmare. I share in your pain.