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  • Anxiety meds?

    I need to find out what Anxiety meds that works will with the Tofranil. I need to have something for stress and i need more then the tofranil. i was on prozec a year ago, and did fine but i went to the gyno doctor and she thought i would do much better on wellburtin and i did.. but also i started with a lot of stress in my life and i feel like the wellburtin helped mentally but i dont think it helped with anxiety with the bladder (I actually think it could have made it worse)and when i felt very anxieous i had to go the bathroom and lot and before 6 mos went by i was diagnosted with IC. I stopped all of the anxiety meds when i had the 3 meds, elmerion, vistrail and tofranil added. Now i am back at work and need something, my moods are all over the place, mad easily, crying, stressed. I GO TO THE Gyno DOCTOR ON MONDAY.. what do you suggest that i take that will calm me down with the anixety that will help with the bladder too but i work in a middle school office and i need to be alert too.. PLEASE ANSWER,, thanks, Char158

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    I take effexor for anxiety and depression. I find that it works well, and I think it might also have been shown to mildly reduce the symptoms of IC like elavil does. However, I have been on effexor for longer than I have had IC so I can't say that from personal experience. Effexor also may take a few weeks to start working so you might want to ask you psychiatrist about ativan or clonopin. I find those helpful for panic attacks and I don't think they aggravate my IC. Good luck!!!! Feel better, I know how hard anxiety/stress is...


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      I have terrible anxiety but am still trying to find the right med. I take zoloft and have xanax for severe attacks. Make sure the doctor that orders the meds for anxiety is aware of which ones affect the bladder. My non medical stress relief I just found is "Zentangle" it is doodling for stress relief. I know it sounds silly but it works.
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      Pain started 12/23/1989, diagnosed 1990
      I am considered severe endstage

      Current meds:
      Avinza (pain clinic)
      Vyvanse (ADD)
      Zoloft (depression/anxiety)
      Vivelle patch (hormones)
      Relpax (migraines)

      Other problems: ADD,PTSD(from years of pain),Possible Behcet's disease,migraines

      Current treatments: Botox injections every 6 months, have had 4 and it changed my life . Hospital based pain medicine doctor, pain therapist

      Things that didn't work: Almost everything: Elmiron,DMSO,diet