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Hi,new to this but have to vent

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  • Hi,new to this but have to vent

    my urologist i think dumped me, i made an appt. went with paperwork and asked why he never told me any of this information . he asked what info so i showed him stuff i printed out and he said it was wrong then he gave me paper work dated back to 2006 and said to look up ic network i told him i did and this is where i got my info.he said nothing then asked again who my pain management doctor wa twi...ce wrote it down and we were still tlking and he got up and was about to walk out i had to stop him and tell him i need scripts for ds prosed and vesicare then he left no answers answered his nurse came back with two scripts with 12 refills and she said dr said there is nothing more he can do for me call if i need to. there are only two dr who take ic pations within a 5 hour radius i feel so lost.

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    It seems there are few uros or drs. who actually want to deal with this condition. I had a very hard time finding someone with the patience to take on this type of problem. I had similar experiences at first where the uro said he only gave out two types of meds for bladder problems and if they didn't work I was pretty much XXXX out of luck. I had one actually tell me that there wasn't much that worked and referred me (dumped actually) on to another dr. I'm starting to realize that traveling to a large medical center where there are specialists who devote their time to this condition is the best way to go. Unless of course you are lucky enough to find a local dr. who is educated in PBS. I hope you find someone who can help you. I went through several drs. in the beginning and I think I ended up getting quite frustrated and bitter over the whole thing.