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Ic and Ra now taking remicade

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  • Ic and Ra now taking remicade

    Ic and RA taking Remicade


    I have had Ic for overr 20 years and the last 10 it has been pretty much okay, then I hit menopause and needed added vaginal estrogen and that hleped. I have been on methotrexate and enbrel for 11 years for my Rheumaoitd arthritis, it has stopped working the enbrel that is, so dr switched me to Remicade, I could feel it bothering my bladder as I had the iv infusion for over 3 hours. On day three after it by the worst flare I have ever had. I can not say for sure it was the remicade but becasue one of the side effects can be bladder infections I assumed it was from that.
    The dr disagrees.
    Has anyone else used remicade while having IC?