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Dr. Peters and Dr. Gilleran in MI

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  • Dr. Peters and Dr. Gilleran in MI

    Hello! I'm new.. I live right outside of, Chicago.. I have a nasty history with endo, which caused me to have a complete hyst last, October.

    My IC seemed to always be under control, for the most part. Until I had emergency surgery- when my vaginal cuff opened- which almost killed me- I also had a blood cot, which was getting ready to enter my lung.

    I'm making the trip up to- MI next week, to meet with Dr. Gilleran, since Dr. Peter's has a 6 week waiting list

    So I wanted to see if anyone has seen either of these doctor's. I'm very excited- as I've had zero luck with doctors in this state. My gyn- is amazing- he has helped me soooo much with my endo.. including things with my bladder. He was the one who called Dr. Peter's office- to get me in sooner. I truly thought they would say- OK- a month or two sooner, never did I think next week!

    If you have seen one of them- can you tell the good, bad- what treatments you tried- did they help? You can also PM me
    Thank you soooo much in advance!

    P.S. I hope we can talk about doctor's on here.. of course only good things

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    If you scroll to the top of this page and click on "Professionals" then Michigan on the map, you'll find information on Dr. Peters. If Dr. Gilleran is in the same practice, I would say you'll be in good hands.

    Stay safe

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      Hi Donna! Thank you! I did look at all the info posted on him. I hoped someone had already seen them.. an idea of what I'm in store for I have such high hopes for this visit

      Thank you Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!


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        I made a mistakes in my original post- Dr. Peter's has a 6 month waiting list. He must be doing something right