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Hi, I'm new and have a RX question

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  • Hi, I'm new and have a RX question

    Hi everyone!

    I've been reading here for a few days, decided to register to join in conversations.

    I'm married, in my 40's, have been diagnosed with 'bladder spasms' (I have classic UTI symptoms but no infection). I'm currently on an antibiotic waiting for a culture to come back (making me nauseous) and was given a RX for Pyridium.

    Since I'm sensitive to meds (more than anyone I know) I knew to not take both medications together, or even on the same day, to begin with to make sure if something happens, I know which drug is responsible for what side effect. So, since I was in misery all weekend and the Urinalysis was negative, I went for the Pyridium first. I got nauseous pretty quick, but it also went away in about an hour. Then the itching started. First one arm, then the other, then the fingers, the neck, chest, ankles, hips, ect... I didn't take anymore of it.

    So, I call a friend who worked for an urologist. She said Prosed DS was what he prescribed for bladder spasms and that is what she thought was happening to me (I also have IBS). So I call my doctor, left a voice for it, she called it in. question is this....Is Prosed DS anything like Pyridium? Are they related in anyway? Anyone here have same reaction and scared to try another med?

    p.s. I went ahead and started the Cipro today since I wasn't taking the other and haven't picked up the Prosed yet...and I'm already nauseous on it too. Should I just wait for the culture to come back before putting my body through this???? Thanks for your input in advance!!! You guys are very smart here!

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    Thank you so very much! I was worried about it being similar in some way. Now I feel okay about picking this up at the pharmacy. (I hate wasting money on meds that I can't take, but I guess there's no other choice)

    Thanks again.