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  • Trying to cope

    I was diagnosed with IC 5 years ago and immediately went to work on how to control it....I know about what foods are irritants and make sure to eat a very plain bland diet....I am having a horrible flare at the moment and am having an even harder time trying to control my anxiety....I have always suffered from Anxiety Attacks so I have been on meds for it for years....I am currently on Lexapro and I take a 1/2 a Xanax to help me sleep....But since getting this flare I have gone into a full tailspin....My anxiety is outta control....It doesn't help that I feel so alone....Fortunatly I have wonderful family and friends to help me get through this but that doesn't squelch my anxiety which can't possibly help the IC....Please tell me A.... What you do when you have a flare to cope and get through it....And B....How you control the anxiety....I have seen some forums on here addressing this subject but I wanted to start off fresh....Also....It would help a great deal to be able to personally talk to someone who has gone through a nasty flare and come out on the other side so if anyone would like to chat personally it always helps to have someone there who fully understands....Everyone on this website seems so helpful and warm and caring....Thank God....It is helping me to stay strong just knowing there are warm caring and understanding people out there....God Bless All....