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    I need to know if there is a chance I have IC. My Dr doesn't think I need a urologist referral: First started one month ago with sudden onset of acute right side pelvic pain at 4:00 am. Went to ER, did CT and ultrasound and sent home with pain meds. Pain is always accompanied by the near painful urge to urinate. As soon as I feel the needs it's as if I have held it for hours. I do not have any burning, dicomfort or blood when I urinate. Went to my OBGYN the next week thinking it could be ovary and was sent to the ER, admitted did contrast CT and MRI finding nothing, sent home the next day with pain meds. I have had episodes of severe, and I mean severe, pelvic pain nearly everyday lasting anywhere from 4-7 hours. As it escalates I have a deep burning sensation and discomfort in my lower right back. It is always on the right side only. I am just down...can't do anything but try to breath through it. If I take the vicodin then I'm worthless when it goes away. May come on in am or afternoon for no apparent reason and subsides mysteriously. Went to GI specialist who is baffled but does plan contrast x-rays on Friday. My Dr wants me to see a neurologist who can't give me an appt until November 3rd. I am so afraid I'll lose my job then and won't have insurance to even go. At my wits end. Are my symptoms familiar to anyone? Thank you so much for taking the time to read this when I know you too are suffering. My PCP put me on Neurontin (gabapentin) 300MG and the GI Dr. put me on Dicyclomine for possible bowel spasms. Nothing is helping. Are my symptoms familiar to anyone.
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    This is probably not IC. If all the pain is on the right side it could be a nerve coming from your back. You might want to try physical therapy and you might want to try having the gabapentin dose increased as this blocks nerve pain.


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      Thank You

      Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Last night I was to increase the Neurontin (gabapentin) to 2 pills (600mg) which I did and I had an amazing pain free day. Yesterday I thought I would die as the pain radiated across my lower back burning and into my right front thigh with a terrible deep throbbing in addition to my pelvic pain and would not let up. Vicodin is like taking candy.
      I can't thank you enough and my prayers are with all of you diagnosed or not.


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        I can't even guess about what is going on with you. I do think it's a good idea to work with your physician towards a diagnosis.

        One thing you might try is the IC diet --- you'll find a link to the latest food list in my signature below. Even if you don't have IC, the diet is a safe thing to try.

        Warm healing thoughts,
        Stay safe

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        I am not a medical authority nor do I offer medical advice. In all cases, I strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.

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          Thanks for the advice. I printed out the diet. I'm willing to try anything.


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            Hey! I hope your doctors figure out what is going on with you soon. I never have had any back pain other than with kidney stones but a ct scan should've shown that. I have had pain in my belly button shooting straight down that would last about 5 or 6 hours. My urologist thinks my bladder was spasming. I too would be in really bad pain until it passed and did feel a significant urge to urinate when this would happen. I don't get these anymore but have all of the other ic symptoms which started about a year and a few months after having a baby.
            Diagnosed w/ IC 12/2010. 3 small kidney stones removed in May of 2011.

            Currently taking: Elmiron (3 times a day-pour capsule into about 4 oz. of water and drink it down (with a little food on my stomach first), Valium (an eighth to a fourth of a pill as needed (rarely need this anymore), and Curelle Probiotics -one a day in the morning on an empty stomach.

            Tried: Urelle, Prelief, Oxybutynin, Urogesic Blue, antihistamines, nuerotin, flomax, vesicare, enablex, cystoprotek, prozac, quercetin w/ bromelaine, marshmellow root tea, garlic pills, fish oil, magnesium, Vitamin D-3, Boron, B-12 w/ Folic Acid drops. Homeopathic allergy shots for food and inhalents.

            **Elmiron and Culturelle Probiotic have helped me get a better quality of life. I've been on the Elmiron for 6 months so far and am feeling so much better and can eat and drink so much more!

            **I love the ICN - it has been a blessing in the midst of this evil curse!!!