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    Before I was even diagnosed with IC it had been kicking my butt for quite some time. I was officially diagnosed with it in March of this year and I have been going nuts trying to make the pain go away ever since. I am already on Elmiron, Prelief, and Vistaril but that does not help my pain so much. At times it gets beyond excruciating and I can't do anything that needs to be done around the house or with my child. I'm hoping that someone can tell me of a possible pain medicine that will make the pain go away and hopefully help me get a good night's sleep.

    Any ideas?

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    I could not read and not answer! I am so sorry you are so much pain how awful! I don't have any answers for medication though. Has your doctor given you any pain meds at all? Can you go to the ER and ask for help? That is what I would do.
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      I am so sorry to hear about the pain your in! I too have a young child and my IC has gotten in the way of enjoying him.

      Im sorry if this suggestion sounds trivial but it did work for me last night when I was experiencing urethral burning and bladder pressure. As I was lying in bed I visualized a light blue, cold stream of water entering my mouth, coating my bladder and soothing my urethra. It worked! I'm wish I could offer you something in the way of pain meds but I am still waiting fir my diagnosis and am on no meds. For now I grin and bear it


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        Have you tried any of the smooth muscle antispasmodics?

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          I would get on some amitryptilline. This is a nerve blocker and studies have shown that it is effective in IC. I also would buy one of the excellent books on this web site, Ending Female Pain and do the stretches and exercises daily. I believe you would also benefit from narcotic pain medication. Good luck!