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  • Anyone in the Middle East?

    Hi All,
    I was recently diagnosed and have been on Elmiron for 5 mos before moving from the US to the Middle East. Currently I am in Dubai and they do not have Elmiron anywhere in the country it seems. I've been told they used to get it but they just don't get it anymore. It is not a prohibited medicine here; they just don't have it. I've been 2 days with out my meds since I just ran out and the pain is already coming back. I was wondering if there are any other folks in the Middle East region who have had success obtaining Elmiron or if there is any other advice folks have? I've tried the diet and find it impossible. I seem to always have pain with pretty much everything. Any suggestions??? I've been really disappointed by this news.

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    You might try emailing the company and ask them about availability.

    Good luck!
    Stay safe

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      I'm so sorry that you are not able to get the Elmiron that you need. I lived in Dubai several years ago and completely understand the inability to get certain medications. It is VERY frustrating!! I understand that it may be possible to purchase some meds online from Canadian companies and have them shipped. There is always a large no. of expats coming to and from the U.S. to Dubai. Can you have someone bring some for you from the U.S.? Also, is it possible to get Elmiron in Oman, Bahrain or Qatar? It may be worth a trip. Thinking of you and wishing you the best of luck. Please let us know how you make out.


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        Thanks suziQ! I've had to follow quite a few rabbit trails, but, fingers crossed, a specialist in Abu Dhabi says he will see me and can special order it. I'm hoping it goes through. I think the shipping is an option too, which I was wary of given the tricky rules here, but I've heard from doctors now is ok. Again, hoping that it works out and the ordering process doesn't take too long...


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          So happy to hear that a specialist in Abu Dhabi may be able to help! How are you managing your symptoms at the moment without the Elmiron? Are you able to stick to the diet? I used to go to a health food store, I think it was called Greens. They usually had breads, foods and supplements from Europe that were a very healthy option. Please let us know how you are managing.



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            Name of Specialist in Abu Dhabi

            Originally posted by nenaghgirl View Post
            Thanks suziQ! I've had to follow quite a few rabbit trails, but, fingers crossed, a specialist in Abu Dhabi says he will see me and can special order it. :
            Hello nenaghgirl! My mother just moved to Abu Dhabi and has recently been diagnosed with this issue. Could you please let me know the name of the specialist you found in Abu Dhabi? The urologist she saw was very unhelpful and she's feeling like there is no one there that can help! So great to heard you found someone...was the experience good? Was he/she helpful? Would greatly appreciate any name you can pass along/advice you can give on dealing with this is that area!

            Thank you!


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              Re: Anyone in the Middle East?

              I realize this is an old post but I am currently in the same place as you and cannot find Elmiron anywhere in Abu Dhabi. did you find a doc to help and get the medication. Running out of meds now if you can help I would appreciate it.