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  • New to this in the UK.

    Hi, hope everyone is having a pain free day..I have had this condition for about a year began shortly after taking antibiotics and an antufungal..hhmm..terrible burning, urethra and bladder and constant weein..every 10 mins for up to six hours a day!!..i remember it all so well..last had begun snowing..i just thought i had a bad UTI..but no bacteria..usual tale!
    One year on nearly..still suffering..recent antibiotics suggested by a new doc have in my humble opinion{ and I am the owner of this er body**..!..made my bladder bleed..I have been weein red has just over the last two days stopped and just visible in dip sticks..but I am now pretty sure that antibiotics are OUT for me..they dont help and they have I feel eroded my bladder and ureththra..I am just starting a vegan diet..and currently on no medication because again..they made me worse..more burning pain and weein!
    I am going to try to heal naturally..that is my instinct..probiotics and herbs and diet..buckwheat, veg, buutter beans, and dealing with unresolved I personally feel on a spiritual psycho level this emotion may well have manifested this conditon in my body..anyone elses thoughts on this most welcome..ANGER inflames!
    Anywya I just wanted to introduce myself on here..I am often on here reading stuff..most informative..IC for me means IN CONTROL..its about taking back control of my body, my life and my emotions..Take Care all xx

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    sress adds to pain levels

    OH HI I noticed their were no replies to this, or I just have not seen them. I have had Ic for 13 yrs started when a car went into the back of me. It started slowly , thought it was a bladder infection. I just cannot get over how I never seem to meet anyone with IC. NO one knows about it. Yet when I come on the site I feel real again. I wonder if they will have a cure to this. I do hope so. MY e mail is [email protected]. Hope you are having a better time of it. I think stress and anger have alot to do with it.Along with allergies, hormones. I feel for me I need lots of extra Estrogen, I feel like my body has an alergy to its own hormones. Have you read the book on IC and Hormones by dr Robey. He is in Austin Texas.God im not to good with pain , I cant fond the spell check. I think ive spelt Robey incorrect, along with estrogen ooh


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      I am planning to try a few natural products as well due to... I love having a full head of hair and do not want to experience hair thinning again, which comes from taking Elmiron.

      Two natural products which contain anti inflammatory ingredients are Omega 3 and Ginger. after vising my doctor this week I am planning to start taking Omega 3 and Ginger, 1 tab of each three times a day and CystoProtek.

      I will keep you guys posted on the results.

      If you find out about any other natural products with anti inflammatory ingredients, please keep me informed.


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        Tumeric is a natural anti-inflammatory. I don't know how well an IC bladder does with it but if you do try it please let me know. I used to cook a lot of Indian food and most of it contains turmeric. I'm also curious if you tolerate Ginger very well. I would like to cook with it again but am afraid to try it. I'm still a newbie and am very cautious with my diet


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          Calm bladder and soothe

          Slippery elm powder is very soothing and coats the bladder and urethra..also try Red Bush Tea, i could not handle Tumeric..OW!..also be wary of pottasium citrate..real real painful for me..