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    Ugh this sucks. But you know that. I've been half expecting it for a year now. My mother has end stage IC and since it's hereditary, when I started peeing all the time, I started wondering. So, thankfully, for me, the diagnosis was not a surprise. I'm not sure if I accepted the fact that I would end up with IC prior to diagnosis or if I'm still in shock, but it's not upsetting me too much. My biggest issue is sex. My poor husband is afraid to touch me, because he knows he will hurt me. Pain from intercourse lasts 24 hours at least, for me. Even with Atarax and AZO. I don't know how to make him feel better about this at all. I also have Generalized Anxiety Disorder so thankfully I already have a therapist and she has several patients with IC. So, lucky for us, I have my therapist and my parents to lean on for information when I need it. The only thing I'm waiting on is the final diagnosis from Urogynocologist, but my regular gyno says "yes, definately".

    I feel a little lost. Maybe I'm not to acceptance yet.


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    Hi Leslie!

    I'm feeling pretty lost too! My brother has IC and has suffered terribly. Scares me! Well, I also know if a lot of people that manage quite well too.

    I'm dealing with anxiety because of the diagnosis. Can you share any coping techniques as I'm feeling overwhelmed at times. I'd really appreciate it!