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What are the symptoms in children?

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  • What are the symptoms in children?

    Just last night I suddenly realized that I might have had IC as a child some 60 years ago. I remember crying with pain and clutching myself at age 5 and up, but not being able to tell my mother where it came from. The heat from my hand seemed to help ease it a little. Of course, I was "touching myself" and that was not acceptable.

    I remember the pain very well and think it was the same sharp uretha spasms I sometimes have now. But, it was more frequent then and constant for hours at a time - at night - in cold weather. I was always worried that I wouldn't be able to find a bathroom - even at age 3-4.

    Are these typical symptoms of IC in children? I was never treated for it - don't think it was ever mentioned to a doctor. I guess that didn't matter since no one would have known what ta do in the 40s. But I am wondering; could that have been it even then? (Interesting - I rarely have pain now.)

    Can my experiences as a child help others today?