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  • Update on Angel

    Angel had another appointment with her uro today. She must have gotten ahold of something REAL bad while she was with my sister a couple days ago. She was in so much pain she was crying. And, she wet her pants last night. The pain started slowly yesterday when she was at school. When I picked her up she started to cry. It took her a while to tell me what was wrong. I felt so bad for her. She didn't want to drink anything - not even pear juice which she loves! She said it hurt too bad to even drink! I gave her a hot pad to put on her tummy and had her try to relax last night. But, it didn't seem to help a whole lot.
    Anyway, I called her uro last night and she got in today right after school. (By the way, she did ok at school, but she said her teacher got mad at her for not playing with the rest of the class - I will be having yet another talk with her teacher tomorrow morning cussing )
    Her uro did give us something to look forward to. She told me the "bad news' first. I will deal with IC for the rest of my life - hopefully with some nice But, the good news is that there is a chance that Angel can be cured! She said that with children as young as she is there is that chance that it will go away. Amazing! BUT, she will still have to take it easy with some foods. But, I am still having my doubts. I mean, she has been on the meds since April and she had her worst flare yesterday and today. I don't know. She is going to be staying on the meds at least until April. I want her to stay on them until school is out. Then I will let Angel try certain foods again little by little and see what happens.
    I just really hope for her sake that it is true that she can be cured. But, I think, by what I have learned, that her bladder will still be sensitive to a point and that she will always have to be careful. I guess it's a good thing in the ends. It's healthier!
    Just wanted to let ya all know how Angel is doing.

    The things kids say!

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    Hi Heather--

    Thanks for the update. Poor Angel! To be that young and in so much awful. And her teacher...oh, that is just worse!!

    How are you doing? I know you were thinking that you might have IC.

    Also, I was curious about this cure? Do you mean that she will just go into remission? Because it is thought that I have had IC since I was little. Hmm...maybe with treatment she has a greater chance of going into remission, mixed with her age factor.

    Anyway, that is certainly great news! I sure hope Angel gets better!! Keep us posted!

    Hugs and love,
    Jess grouphug
    Mommy to 2 crazy, wonderful kids and wife to the most amazing man in the world!


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      I have grown children who had severe allergies as small children. I found the only way I could avoid allergic problems was to teach them what they could not have --- and I taught them to simply say "No, Thank you," if someone offered them something they couldn't have. I also made sure that when they went places they had snacks they could have with no problem. It's a tough thing to have to teach the children because the adults won't listen --- but they seem better able to handle it than the adults.

      I just hope it doesn't happen again.

      Sending an encouraging hug,
      Stay safe

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        grouphug grouphug grouphug Thankyou for the update on Angel. That poor little girl, I feel for her. That teacher needs to be removed or discplined. It is ok if she didn't feel like playing with the other kids, she wasn't feeling well. How are you doing? Let us know.
        Hang in there , There is hope.
        There is hope. Prayer works.

        Love, Debbie


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          Poor Angel!!!!!!!!! That's awful. I hope for her sake that the doctor is right. My advice for you is to have her look out for infections when she's older. Avoid them if possible. I had IC symptoms since as far back as I can remember. I was ALONE. My parents never knew what it was and said the dr.s couldn't help. I wet the bed until I was about 11. But it wasn't until I had a few uti's as a young adult that my symptoms got worse and more frequent. I'm 26 and just got diagnosed with IC. You are right. She'll will prob. always have to be careful with foods her whole life. Like I said before, though, have her knowledgable about uti's in the future. Also, I've heard that you can take low doses of antibiotics to avoid infections as a form of treatment. Talk to her uro about that for the future. I know everyone is different, but it's worth the effort. Every step should be explored and researched if it means feeling better. I'm just speaking as someone who had the sypmtoms as a child and I know how she feels. Good luck with the little sweetie. Tell her she's not alone.

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            Thanks Betsie. I love that statement. Don't think I know who said it, but my mother in law has it on her fridge, and my husband says it all the time. Have a great night, too. Hugs.

            Melis kissing grouphug
            "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it"

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