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Only 3 yrs old- Can this be it?

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  • Only 3 yrs old- Can this be it?

    My daughter is three years old. She potty trained fine @ 2. A few months after that she suddenly started dribbling.My older daughter(4) has urinary reflux so our pediatric uroligist suggested a VCUG. they said she had nothing. We just got back home from a nighhtmare stay in the hospital with a raging kidney infection. She does have reflux but the bladder spasms is whats killing her. She is now up to 12mg a day(norm. adult dosage 4mg) of detrol LA. we have been on ditropan and the regular detrol neither worked. It has reduced the spasms definitely, but she still continues to have 4-8 spasms/accidents a day. Can this be it? I am scared and frustrated. we have been trying to get these under conrol fo 4 months with no success. Anyone who knows I would definitely appreciate some insight! thanks -jennifer

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    I wish I had an immediate answer for you, but unfortunately I do not. I can say, however, that not very many IC patients have incontinence. And kidney infection is not generally associated with IC.

    I do have a niece (she was adopted so no possibility it's an inherited thing) whose little girl had a similar problem as a child. She was treated regularly by urologist for several years. The good thing is that she is now a young lady of twenty and has no bladder problems at all.

    I sincerely hope your daughter has something similar.

    Warm hugs,
    Stay safe

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