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  • Genetic?

    My wife and I (I'm the patient) were discussing whether there's a genetic component with IC.

    No one on either side of my 4 year old's family has ever had bladder issues. It's mostly cancer, heart disease and, from my side, Alzheimer's. But no bladder issues.

    My wife's scared. I'm not really. I mean, I dread the thought that my little beauty could be afflicted with this soul-sucking disease. But I don't think she will be.

    I abused my body pretty hard; I am a much decorated vetern of the Psychic Wars and I've the scars to prove it. All the docs say, "Uh, no, having been even heavily involved in the Psychic Wars could not have cause IC..." but I wonder if it did exacerbate a predisposition.

    But since the scientists can agree what IC even IS, who knows is there's a genetic element.

    My question is, do any other sufferers have family histories? I've never heard of it, but I suppose it's possible.

    May be it happened when the little bald guys took me up in their ship...

    Sorry, levity is often how I deal with this disease--even as I write this I feel like I have a spear sticking from my bladder.

    Good thing I'm so tough or I might explode.

    Cheers and God Bless you all!

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    hi pain man.
    I love your name well my mom has IC and so do I, I also have 2 cousins with IC all on moms side, but that dont mean anything. I have never read any where that it is genitic.
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      I'm the only one in my family with IC --- and I come from a huge family --- both of my parents had many siblings, and I am blessed with lots of cousins.

      Stay safe

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        Hello Pain Man,

        I think my father has IC, he is constantly making bathroom trips but has no pain. I on the other hand have pain. I don't know where IC comes from but I'd like to find out.
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          I too am the only one in my family with diagnosed IC. I say it that way because I had a great aunt with alot of bladder problems. She passed away in the early 80's but I was told my symptoms mimic what hers were. Other than her, I do not believe there are any other instances of IC in my family tree.
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            Hi Pain Man,

            In my case when I first asked my family if they had any bladder problems, they exclaimed "ME HEAVENS NO!" and I asked several times if they "were sure about that".

            Only a few months later, after I had some surgeries and treatments for IC, my older sis called me crying on the phone, begging for me to help her that she was having bladder problems, however it was very mild to mine.

            My Mom and little sister said "no bladder problems at all". After a while I when visiting, I would hear them complaining about their bladders. I had to listen to how unfair it all was and about not getting to use the bathroom at work, and hurting sooo bad!.

            About this time, Mom started telling me she was now taking datrol LA and that she had overactive bladder, and complaining that the datrol La doesn't help her at all.

            My Husband, even asked my sisters husbands and they told him that their were no bladder problems. So today, my husband is very angry and he will not talk to my sisters husbands at all. He says "because the XXXXXXXX lied to me".

            On my last visits to my family, they were all complaining about their bladder problems. I listened, but inside I am so deeply hurt. The truth is that they were scared.

            take care, Silverfox blink


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              I grew up thinking it was normal to feel like I had to go to the bathroom more often than other people. My mom, grandmother and I would all joke about our "little bladders." I think I always had a touch of OAB, but the IC symptoms developed later on.

              I'm the only one in my family that's been diagnosed with IC, but my mom has had more bladder problems recently (the doc wants to put her on Detrol LA but she doesn't want to take any more meds) and I have a cousin with some OAB issues too. I think it's hard to find out "the truth" about bladder problems among family or friends because it's embarrassing for most people to talk about.

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                Hi Pain_Man,

                No, I don't think IC is genetic. There is a big difference between "bladder issues" and actually being diagnosed with IC. My mom and I both are diagnosed with IC, and all of the urologists that we've talked to, and according to all the research I've done suggest that it is a coincidence, and I truly believe that.

                Take care,
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                  Hi painman,
                  i also believe it can run threw the family i believe my mother had ic but was never dx before she passed away due to cancer in 88
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                    I am the only one in my family to have IC, but I still strongly believe it is at least partly genetic.


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                      Hi Pain Man,

                      Many other diseases have a gentic component. I'm sure IC could as well. But, it obvious something else has to go wrong as well, otherwise we would all have family histories.

                      As far as my family goes, I am the only one diagnosed with IC. But my aunt and grandma on my mohter's side have had chronic bladder infections for most of their lives. I had chronic infections before I developed IC. Still get them now, but working hard to prevent them.

                      Take care,


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                        Pain man I have been in pain with IC for 17 years it wasn't diagnosed until last year. I had pain that was "in my head" for all thse years and now my daughter is sarting to have the same pain that I have experienced and I am almost sure tha it is IC but because she is 12 she is considered pediatric and my IC doc won't see her. I will have to take her to Boston to get a pediatric urologist to see her. She saw a urologist here in Bangor and he doesn't believe in IC and says that my IC doctor over diagnosises women so needless to say it will be a long battle for her as well. But I do believe that it is genetic. My father has bladder cancer and there are several other people in my family that have bladder problems.
                        Thanks fot listening.