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  • Angel's having a hard time

    A few weeks ago, Angel had really bad diarrhea. It was so bad that she had two accidents in less than an hour. She was crying so hard and kept saying that she couldn't hold it. That lasted only a couple of days.
    Then, last week, she was in the bathroom and started crying. I went to see what was wrong and she said she had to go number 2 but couldn't get it out. I told her to take a break and drink a lot of pear juice and water and eat some popcorn. 10 minutes after the first try she said that her tummy really hurt and tried to go again. This time she screamed. I ran in and she was all sweaty and shaking. She was screaming and crying. She (I know this is gross) only had the BM half way out and it was stuck. There was blood dripping in the toilet. She said it hurt to bad to make it come out. So, I had to massage her tummy for a bit. I had tears in my eyes for her. It was hard to not cry while watching her be in such pain - and she was so scared. Finally she gave one big push and it was done.
    I talked to her doc about it and he wanted to give her a stool softner to help. Well, we forgot all about it.
    Maybe that's a good thing. Because, just a few days ago, she had really bad diarrhea again! She had another accident too. Both, the time before and this last time, there was a lot of mucus in it.
    It is getting really hard on her. And, really hard on me! I don't know what to do to help her. I am afraid to give her anything to help with the constipation because the next day she might end up with really bad diarrhea anyway. I have been trying to help her keep everything "regular", including the times of day that she at least tries to go. But, she keeps having problems.
    It's almost like she has IBS. But, isn't she too young??? Isn't she suffering enough with the IC???
    I am sorry. I just feel like there is no end. I can't even begin to imagine how she must feel! She is so young! Only 5 and going through so much.
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    The things kids say!

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    grouphug grouphug grouphug grouphug
    Hang in there , There is hope.
    There is hope. Prayer works.

    Love, Debbie


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      When she has diarhea is it just small amounts of liquid? The reason I ask is that it's very possible for a child to be very constipated --- to the extent that all that will pass is some liquid. If that's her problem, the stool softener could very well be the answer for her. Her having a very hard stool could be an indication. Your doctor may suspect that is her problem.

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        I agree with Donna. My nephew went through the same thing Angel is now. But my sister went ahead to give the softener. It seemed like he wasn't "afraid" to go anymore. So it actually helped him stay regular. I hope she feels better soon... kissing
        Tons of support,

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          My nephew has been on a stool softener since the age of 3...he is now 6. He has a rough time passing his bowel movements, and the stool softener has helped greatly. They had him on Senokat (sp?) and that is doing well for him. As for the diarrhea--I don't think she's too young for IBS. But I don't know?

          Good luck!
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            Blood in the toilet from the bowel is a VERY SERIOUS thing. For example, if she's been on antibiotics, it could be an opportunistic infection which is known for causing bloody diarrhea and painful cramps. Several patients here have had that infection. So, if I were you, I would DEMAND A STOOL CULTURE IMMEDIATELY to rule that, or any other type of bowel infections, out. You can collect a sample of her stool in a plastic baggy and bring it to the lab. Call your doc to order the test in advance. If you ever seen any other blood, or her stool is dark (or black), that's another reason for an immediate visit to the ER. Don't take this lightly. It's really important to follow this up.

            Now, if the stool culture comes back negative, then IBS (or food intolerances) could be a reality. When I was a kid, I started with my IBS.. and I can remember spending one fourth of july afternoon in agony with horrible cramping. I realize, now, that that was probably my very first episode of IBS. But, in my case, my IBS is directly related to food. In fact, the more mucousy I was, it was clear that I had eaten something that my body couldn't tolerate. So, it would be very interesting for you to learn more about food allergies and intolerances.

            For example, if I eat anything with MSG or sulfites, I will have horrible diarrhea and painful cramping within an hour. This has happened many times and often happens after eating out at restaurants. Sizzler, for example, uses a ton of sulfites (preservatives) on their foods and salad bars. I also can't eat at Fresh Choice. We had a running joke about the old McDonald's Fajitas because they, too, were so loaded with chemicals that we'd all have the runs. We started calling them "constipation cures." That's probably why they don't make them anymore.

            But, if I eat something that I'm intolerant too... (chocolate, oatmeal, lots of dairy products), I have the opposite problem. I get very mucousy and the stools get hard. Worst of all, the cramping is just killer. I call them "bend over and screamers." To me, the more mucuous.. the more an intolerance/allergy or whatever may be a root cause.

            So, try reading up on food allergies. She may be intolerant to dairy or some grains. It's worth learning more about this and even asking for some allergy testing. Food allergies are very individual. When I did an elimination diet which helped me find my key offenders.. which were dairy products, chocolate, oatmeal products and preservatives.

            Good luck and let us know what the lab results are.

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              I agree with Jill. Bloody diarrhea should never be ignored. Angel should be seen by a good gastroenterologist. He/she must have an open mind, and never think that she is too young to be sick. Bloody diarrhea can be a symptom of bowel infection or inflammatory bowel disease. A gastro can find the cause of her symptoms. I have both IC and IBD. Don't accept being told she is too young to have IBS or IBD. Infants have been diagnosed with these problems. Doctors used to think that wasn't possible, but they found out they were wrong. I do hope Angel doesn't have anything serious, but if she is in such great pain and bleeding, she needs to be seen by a good doctor. I hope she feels better soon, it is so hard to watch our children suffer!


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                Has Angel ever been checked for lactose intolerance? The symptoms you describe -- going from diarhea to constipation, back and forth -- are exactly what my son went through prior to being correctly diagnosed with lactose intolerance. He also had bleeding because of anal tears caused by large hard stools. Our idiot PCP at the time said it was "just spastic colon" and kept prescribing anti-diahreal and anti-constipation meds. When we took him to a pediatric GI specialist, she asked a few questions and immediately knew it was IBS caused by lactose intolerance. We eliminated all lactose from his diet and within two weeks his bowel problems were completely under control.

                I will keep Angel in my prayers hoping you will find the right answers soon.

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                  I agree with Jill. Blood in the stool is serious. Being one who had it starting at age 8 for Colitis you want to be sure of the cause.

                  I may not be an IBS expert but I had no idea it included blood. Colitis can cause both diarehea and constipation.

                  Other things as well can cause those things.

                  If I can help you in any other way do not hesitate to email me or private message me. I hope she doesn't have anything serious.

                  Good Luck and my prayers to you and Angel
                  Faith, Hope, and Love,

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                    I called her doc's office again today and talked to the nurse. She said that she will talk to the doc and see about first getting an x-ray done. A few years ago I had one done when I suddenly gained a lot of weight and was in real bad pain. We found out that I was very constipated. I was backed up so much, it was like I was pregnant!
                    I am also going to get her some of that lactose free milk. And, cut out other dairy stuff. I had totally forgotten that my mother said (a long time ago) that my brother had a problem with dairy products when he was small. Couldn't tell now! Lol... he drinks at least a gallon of milk a day! But, my mother has lactose problems. And, I think I do to. Ever since I started drinking milk a few months ago, I have been having pretty bad problems. The pain is not fun at all!
                    I am just hoping her doc will not be so old fasioned like he was with the potty training issue. It took over 2 1/2 years just for him to refer her to an uro! I don't want her to have to suffer with this for that long!
                    Thank you to everyone for your advice and for being there. It's hard having so much going on with my kids (and myself) and not having anyone to talk to aside from my psychologist once every couple of weeks. You are all wonderful people. Thank you.

                    The things kids say!


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                      Heather-Angel is definitly not too young to have IBS, especially if she already has IC. My daughter, Jessie, has a ton of food allergies, one of which is milk. She also has IBS. I couldn't believe it either!! Benefiber is a fairly new product out on the market that really helps her tummy feel better. It is like Metamucil, but you can put it in just about any drink and it doesn't have any taste or grit to it. She is 7 and doesn't mind drinking it. I am not a doctor, but it just sounds to me like IBS and nothing any more serious. But I agree with everyone else that her doctoe needs to know what is going on!...Christie


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                        My daughter had a hard time with constipation when she was about 3. She got to where every time she felt the urge she would stand on her tippy toes and cry. I would try to talk to her but she would not go. She held in till she got impacted and the doc had to manually remove it. He gave her stool softners and she took them for a couple months. We stopped them when she passed that phase and we got he BM regular. I wish you and your baby lots of luck!