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Wondering if my child has IC.

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  • Wondering if my child has IC.

    My son is 6 and still pees in the bed. We have been in pull ups for about 3 years now. He says that his stomach hurts when he has to go and feels better after. His doctor keeps telling me that he will out grow it and not to worry. My sister and I suffer from a mild case of IC. I am worried he has never had a dry night. We have started him on ddvap at bedtime and it is not working.
    We have only been doing it for a week so I am not sure if it will take more time to work. The only thing it seems to do it stop him from going as much in the day time. I guess I am asking if he could have IC because he is a bed wetter.

    I hope someone can help. Thanks.

    I am 28 and have been married for 7years. I have two boys one is 6 and the other 2. I have worked at the same job for 10 years.

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    Not so sure he has IC could be something entirely diffrent, I would take him to see a urologist about your concerns.

    And the doctor can do some tests to find the cause.

    If the uro does not check him out good then see another uro.

    Because obviously there is something wrong if he is hurting.

    I wish you the best and let us know what you find out, you are not alone we are all family here on this forum.
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      I was thinking like Linda was thinking. Besides, we do know IC can hit men, women, and children. Maybe he will outgrow it. How long is that supposed to be? I don't read about diagnosed IC patients wetting the bed, but it must be concerning you by now.(understandable) I was thinking about another opinion as well.


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        It's not unusual for little boys to wet their beds, some even as old as ten or eleven. That said, however, I do recommend having him seen by a urologist.

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          I would try to find him a urologist knowledgeable in IC. My uro/gyno asked me lots of questions about my children after hearing my symptoms. I have a DD who had bed wetting issues until this year (she is 14). She still has daytime incidences at times. He feels that she might have IC as well. He says that it presents differently in children at times. He also said that many pediatric doctors are reluctant to check for or diagnose the disease in children. He recommended that I put her on the IC diet with me and see how she responds.


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            Thank you all for the input. I just feel so bad for him. He hates that he can't stop peeing the bed. My oldest son never had this problem.
            I am 28 and have been married for 7years. I have two boys one is 6 and the other 2. I have worked at the same job for 10 years.


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              Both of my boys wet the bed until they were 8, I bought an alarm that attached to their underwear that would go off when they wet their bed. It took about 1 week of using the alarm before they were dry. But they never complained of pain.



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                I also think you should have your son see a urologist.

                My son, who I don't believe has IC, was a bedwetter until he was about 8. We used pull ups every night, restricted fluid intake, and even tried some medication prescribed by the urologist. He didn't have the pain that your little boy is reporting.

                The only thing that ended up working was the alarm from Starchild Labs. Best $ 50 we ever spent. Within less than a week he had stopped wetting and has never had an accident since then.

                My youngest was 3 when he potty-trained himself - day and night.

                Each one is completely unique.

                Let us know what you decide to do and how things go.

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                  I was a bed wetter when I was young, I also had symptoms of IC. My IC didn't get diagnosed till years later. I have always wondered if there was a connection. My daughter was a bed wetter till she was about 8 years old. It seemed that she would go longer and longer inbetween wetting the bed and then it was over. When she was 12 she started symptoms of IC. On the other hand my boy is 12 and still wets the bed occasionally. He has shown no signs of IC. (I pray that he won't) I think bed wetting may be a little hereditary because my mother was also a bed wetter when she was young. She does not have IC. We were all sound sleepers though.

                  If your little guy is hurting that would concern me. I know that once my boy complained that it hurt to go. I ran him right in to the doctor, and of course no infection. They sent me home and he kept complaining of pain. Come to find out he was constipated and after that resolved there was no more pain. Maybe I paniced before I really understood what he was trying to tell me.

                  Hopefully it will be something other than IC. I would for sure keep eye on him and watch not only for signs of IC but other possiblities also. It never hurts to check in with doctors. Good Luck


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                    Wet the bed til about 10 years old. When my mom told me I couldn't stay at my Grams overnite unless I stopped, I stopped. I do not have IC, my husband does. Do agree though, the pain is a concern. Definitely see a pediatric urologist, and bring up the IC concern. Hopefully it is not and you can get the little guy straightened out. Does he have problems during the day as well? If not, that's a good sign. Good luck! Jill, wife of Bob


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                      Miranda does you Son talk about his bowel movements? If not the pain could be due to a problem there. What kids wants to talk about that! You might make him more comfortable bringing it up as an important body funtion. Our Granddaughter wet the bed for years.(thank GOD for pull ups) Her Doctor told us she had a small bladder and it would take care of it's self at some point. It did. She never did say she had pain. That is a concern. How does he feel during the day? Does he need to "go" often? All things to bring up to a Doctor. I know how you feel. I was so worried for many years but it did work out. Keep us posted. I'm sure many on here have the same problem. Hugs, Ziggy


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                        Make sure that your son does not eat or drink anything with red food coloring in it. I know someone whose two daughters were both allergic to red food coloring and it caused them to have urinary problems, including incontinence.


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                          A friend of mines daughter had bed wetting problems. The little girl who was 7 would drip urine throughout the day. She went to a pediatric urologist who did various tests including a cysto. Turns out she has a very small bladder. She was placed on medicine to make it stretch a little bit. I would definately check with a peditric urologist. It could even be something else, or maybe nothing at all. Good luck though. Keep us posted.


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                            Is he constipated at all? My 4 year old had always been a bed wetter at night. Then, I started noticing he had frequent urination during the day too. So, I took him to the Urologist, and we found out he was constipated. Even though he was pooping some during the day, he was completely backed up. So, he is now on a maintenance dose of laxative. After clearing him out, and keeping him on the laxative, he stopped wetting the bed at night, and the frequent daytime urination stopped too. It was like a miracle to us. The urologist told us that constipation is the most common cause of urinary issues in young boys. So, I would definitely have that checked out. When they are constipated, especially over a prolonged period of time, the constipation puts pressure on the bladder, and makes it spasm. So, they will essentially have symptoms that mimic IC even though they do not have it. Something to look into! Good luck!
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