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7 year old with undiagnosed Urinary urgency

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  • 7 year old with undiagnosed Urinary urgency

    I have a 7 year old with very frustrating symptom. It started last year. Every time he urinated he would finish and say he feels like he has to go some more and none is coming out. When we took him to the urologist he said his meatus needed to be open. So did a little snip in the office and about a week later the symptoms just went away.

    Well about 8 weeks ago it all started again. The meatus closed up again and this time we did the meatoplasty in the OR. But the symptoms have not gone away. It is so frustrating to him, he usually cries and throws a fit. The strange thing is that it doesn't happen every time he goes to the bathroom. We did ultra sounds and a VCUG and everything looks normal to the urologist and he says he is baffled. When I went to the pediatrician, she said he is doing it for attention. My husband doesn't buy that answer. But I figured a behavior chart might help at least the fits he has when this happens. When we first started the chart we went two days with out any fits. But then it started again. He even had to change his underpants at school twice one day because some pee came out after he went and thought he was finished. When I picked him up he was in tears and wanted to not have a penis any more. It is so hard to watch. Some days he doesn't want to go to a planned play date with friends because he is afraid he is going to have problems there. Now I don't think a 7 year old would want to miss a play group just for attention. The urologist first tried ditropan and that didn't work and this week we are trying detrol and that doesn't seem to help.
    I am totally lost and confused and was wondering if anyone else had a similar experiance. This is just so hard to watch.

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    I feel your pain, maybe the URO should check for IC children can get this. I hope and pray he doe's not have it but, I think it needs to be ruled out or if he has IC he needs the proper treatments. Your child is not doing this for attention and for anyone saying he is! its cruel. Your little boy needs answers now not weeks and months from now. Keep in touch and let us know how things turn out. Put him on an IC diet just in case insist the Uro check out everything. Its hard for us adults to suffer but, a child has his whole life ahead of him you and your child need answers asap.
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      My almost 7 year old daughter has IC. Your average pediatrician probably really doesn't know a whole lot about IC and children. My daughter has a pediatrician with an excellent reputation who in his entire career has never had a pediatric patient diagnosed with IC. I'm sure he has had patients that would have qualified, but it's not always easily or readily diagnosed by many doctors. Luckily, we have a local urologist who believes that IC occurs in the pediatric population. So I guess my daughter is his first officially diagnosed patient. You could try contacting the ICA for a list of doctors who will treat IC in kids. That is where I found my daughter's urologist. I'm not saying your son has IC, but at least you could get a non biased opinion one way or another.
      Your son's story touches me not only because my child suffers from bladder issues, but also because my own bladder issues as a child were told to be made up by me. What a good Mom you are to be doing more research to find answers for him:-) Again, I'm not saying your son has IC, but he certainly deserves for these doctors to give a better explanation than he's looking for some type of attention. I remember crying as a young child feeling very angry when I was in discomfort. My Mom just didn't know what to do with me and believed it was something I somehow created.
      I 100% agree with Linda May on trying him on the IC diet to see if that helps his discomfort. This has been the number one help by far for my daughter. I've been told my another office of a doctor who knows IC and children well that diet is huge for most kids and for many may be all they need to control the bladder issues.:-) My daughter had frequency that is greatly helped by 10 mgs of Atarax too. She needed something a little bit more in addition to diet.
      All in all, I hope my post didn't freak you out or depress you more. You son very well may not have IC. I'm just sharing my experience. Even if it was worse case scenario though, from my understanding, children usually respond well:-) Any other questions please feel free to ask. I'm not a professional for sure, just a mother with a child with IC who has done some research:-)

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