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urethra irritation for nine year old girl

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  • urethra irritation for nine year old girl


    My daughter is complaining of her urethra itching at the opening where she voids, of having bubbles there, and of having to feel as if she has to go “tt”. She has improved since she has a water schedule of drinking every 1 ½ hours, going to void at least every two hours, and using a timer to make sure she stays on the toilet to void and to empty out. She is also using Miralax to make sure she is not constipated as this can make things worse. She takes a baking soda bath in warm water in the morning and at night. She does not eat spicy or acid foods often (though I should remove these completely or give her Prelief).

    She also had a urodynamics test and cysoscopy test preformed two weeks ago because I felt that despite all our effort, she was not “all better.” The tests showed that she has a larger bladder to the point of being like an adult because she had stretched it by holding the urine in her bladder. But other than that the specialist here at UVA children’s urology department say she is normal and that she is having problems simply because she does not sit on the toilet long enough.

    Well, I have done everything they have told me to do and then some, and yet she is not “all better.” They just say it takes time, but this has been going on for months. I am tired of not getting the help I need.

    Does anyone know what could be causing this? Perhaps some irritants are a cause of the problem though I do not use soap or shampoo down there and I use fragrance free detergent? I just don’t know, but I am desperate to have her better especially since I have IC, and I know she must be suffering.

    Any suggestions or advice would be wonderful. Thanks

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    Re: urethra irritation for nine year old girl

    Hi, I have an 8 year old girl going through the same thing... How did your daughter turn out? Did it resolve?


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      Re: urethra irritation for nine year old girl

      I have had symptoms since birth, and let me start by saying I am very sorry your daughter is having to deal with this.

      I think you're off to a good start with avoiding constipation, and having her sit in baking soda baths.

      I assume she has been tested for common problems like UTI, yeast infection, etc. When you say that she is not all better, what symptoms is she still having? Does she have any pain, or just itching/bubbling? What do her urine cultures show - high WBC count or normal? Does she have any stomach or intestinal symptoms?

      When I was 12, my mother had to take me to, oh, 15 different doctors before I finally was diagnosed. Most of them told her it was in my head. But, I was in severe pain. If your daughter seems reasonably comfortable and has a good quality of life, then it may be appropriate to wait and see if the symptoms progress, or if new ones appear. When IC presents in children, it often worsens after they go through puberty. It will be of interest to see if that happens or not.

      Of course, it is always you and your daughter's decision whether or not to keep pursuing answers, and I always encourage people to get second, third, fourth opinions...etc. if they feel that the symptoms are affecting their lives in a negative way.

      I'm sure you're worried about IC, since you have it yourself. My younger sister went through a time when she was peeing every hour or so, sometimes saying that it hurt. My mother and I were terrified that she had IC, but after ruling out infections (my sister did not want to go through any additional testing) we had to just watch and wait. After a couple of months, these symptoms spontaneously disappeared. Now, she is sixteen and tells us she believes it was anxiety-related. This is understandable, because as a child she watched me go through all of those similar symptoms. I'm not suggesting that your daughter's symptoms are anxiety-related, I just wanted to share this story to show that symptoms do not always develop into IC, for whatever reasons.

      How much water is she drinking every hour and a half? Has she tried an antihistamine for the itching?
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        Re: urethra irritation for nine year old girl

        Your daughter is very young, but I still suggest to make tests to find out possible hormonal connection (estrogen). As one doctor explained me, it is sometimes possible already very young girls have that problem.


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          Re: urethra irritation for nine year old girl

          Have you had your daughter tested for allergies? I was recently tested and have a major allergy to Milk and several food additives (propylene glycol and glycerin). My allergies caused uretha burning and frequency. Now that I have totally eliminated these things from my diet I am MUCH better. My allergy doctor says he believes many bladder problems are caused by undetected allergies. Jo Ann


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            Re: urethra irritation for nine year old girl

            Originally posted by Diane123 View Post
            Hi, I have an 8 year old girl going through the same thing... How did your daughter turn out? Did it resolve?
            I'm so sorry; I hope your little girl will feel better soon and that she doesn't have IC. sclar hasn't been on the forums for around three years. I hope she'll see your note.

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