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Cystitis in children

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  • Cystitis in children

    How do you get a diagnosis for a child? My 3 year old has cystitis type problems if we use soap on her, even baby bath stuff. She also seems to react to sweeteners such as aspartame.
    She screams with the pain. Any ideas?

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    Re: Cystitis in children

    I would try to get her in to see a pediatric urologist if there's one in your area.

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      Re: Cystitis in children

      Originally posted by Bladderella View Post
      I would try to get her in to see a pediatric urologist if there's one in your area.
      to the IC Network. I'm glad you found us.

      One of my adult children still has a problem with soaps. When he was small, at the suggestion of his pediatrician I used Neutrogena on him. You might want to think about avoiding her sitting in a bath tub. If you have a sprayer on your tub, you could make a game of doing tub "showers" to cleanse her. I would avoid any kind of soap directly on the area around her urethra. I also suggest that she wear only 100% cotton underpants. When my son was little, I double rinsed his clothing to be sure there was no soap residual.

      The products usually advertised for babies can be irritating for a child who has problems with soap. I was advised to use detergent for my child's laundry and also learned that even the baby shampoo will irritate a soap sensitive child.

      I sincerely hope that's the problem with your little one --- so it could be an easy fix.

      Good luck!
      Stay safe

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        Re: Cystitis in children

        Thank you for your advice. Cystitis is a plague within my family, although I don't thing it's IC just plain boring cystitis, my mum suffers terribly, all 5 if my sisters do and at least one if my brothers and many of my nieces. I will try and push the idea of my daughter being seen by a specialist but I don't really fancy our chances.
        D x


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          Re: Cystitis in children

          I am wondering if your daughter (and maybe other members of your family) have allergies that are causing the bladder issues. I am allergic to 2 chemicals found in many household products, soaps, lotions, some foods and medicines--Propylene Glycol and Polyethene Glycol. If I use or ingest any product with these 2 chemicals, it feels like my bladder is on fire. I also break out in a rash if I touch anything with these chemicals. When I was trying to find soaps and shampoos without these chemicals I looked at baby soap and shampoo and found that most of them have these PG chemicals. The chemicals are used because they are a cheap filler.

          What if you quit using any soap or shampoo on your daughter for a while? Just wash her in pure water with a clean wash cloth? That is what I usually do and it seems like I am just as clean as if I use soap. Maybe also do not use any detergent to wash her clothes, just wash them in hot water for a while. The only detergent I can use is one called Ecos. I am in the U.S., what country are you located in?

          As for artificial sweeteners, I think a lot of people have allergies and sensitivities to them, I never use artificial sweeteners.

          If you cannot get your daughter to a specialist you may need to act like a detective to figure out what she is sensitive/allergic to. That is what I have to do, I often keep a dairy of foods and liquids I ingest and products I use to determine what I am allergic to.

          My heart goes out to your daughter. I am in my 60s now but I remember as a small child having all types of reactions to things and no one could figure out why--after years I finally was diagnosed with many food allergies. For example, I was always getting a terrible rash in my mouth--it was from drinking orange juice. It took me years to figure out I am allergic to all citrus.

          Jo Ann


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            Re: Cystitis in children

            Thanks for that Jo,
            We are in the Uk. We are washing her solely with water and our GP said that if we find she's got muddy or something to use E45 to scrub her. It just seems so mean to stop her from having things other children take for granted like a bubble bath or a fruit shoot drink but these all trigger her.


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              Re: Cystitis in children

              Dante, i don't know what E45 is, but I hope your daughter can tolerate it.

              I have always done best just drinking plain water, maybe high PH water. I know it is hard on a child not to be to eat or drink what the other children do, that was me all my life. I found that now more people understand allergies so maybe if you phrase it that way your daughter and other people may understand it better. I find if I just say I am allergic when someone offers me something that I cannot eat, everyone understands. It will be hard for your daughter but if she feels better avoiding things, it will be worth it.

              You may want to consider allergy testing for your daughter. You say others in your family have bladder issues. Have any of them be tested for food allergies? I know in my case allergies appear to be genetic, everyone in my family has food allergies. Jo Ann


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                Re: Cystitis in children

                Don't think it's allergies with my family. It can be triggered by passionate sex or simply being run down. E45 is an emulsifying moisturiser.