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    I'M DONE!!!!! Yeah, classes are over for the fall, and a big load has been taken off my shoulders. I just heard from my Chemistry teacher and I got a 95% on my final, and an A in the class, as well as an A in Biology. Not sure about my other class yet, but I know I passed. Hope everyone is studying hard, and is about to complete the semester. Good luck if you have finals coming up.

    Love ya,

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    I have 2 finals this week and 2 next week. I am really stressed out with school and work and everything... just can't wait to be done. But then another semester starts on January 6. lol

    *~ April ~*


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      Way to go Alisha!!!! [img]biggrin.gif[/img] [img]biggrin.gif[/img]

      You must be so proud of yourself! Really enjoy your Christmas break!! -- you deserve it!

      April...hang in there! you're almost done too!! good luck on your last 4 exams.

      Sending lots of hugs to you both,
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        CONGRATS ALISHA!!!!!!!

        Ive got two more...but Im sneaking away to NYC this weekend to relax and get away from this all!! But then its two tests next week, and yup, April, your right, it starts all over again!!!And next semester is going to be He$$ for me!!!!!

        Im not in college but Im in graduate school so I like to pretend....Alisha, I read you are studying to be a nurse....I have found it so rewarding....Im now studying to be a Nurse Practitioner.
        GOOD LUCK!! And if you have any questions feel [email protected]
        @[email protected]
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          That's great! I just got done with my fall classes too! I don't start again until early Jan. Two more semesters and i'll have my associates in Psych. but i still have to find a 4 year school to futher it!
          Enjoy your time off!


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            Congratualtions on finishing and with such excellent grades. I envy you so much. I have written 5 papers already and still have 2 more to go in addition to 3 exams. I only have one more week to go though. Again Congratulations. We know how hard it can be. You should be very proud of yourself. Have a great break. [img]biggrin.gif[/img]
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