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so what does this mean?

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  • so what does this mean?

    Okay, so I've had a bad flare the past week. I went to the DR. and they claimed I had a UTI, so i'm on antibiotics. Well, they wanted to culture it to make sure it wasn't anything. They called me today and told me that I don't have an infection...I'm so confused. Does this mean that it is a UTI and nothing else or no...its not a UTI and something totally different? THey never give me the answer I"m looking for! It sucks. Just down right sucks...oh yeah, and I decided to make the trip back home today...I think it was a mistake, cuz now I'm in pain and I"m sitting here with my heating pad. Oh well...we live and we learn.
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    The culture is saying that you don't have a UTI. Some doctors will put you on 3-5 days of antibiotics during a flare, and it may or may not help. Personally, I don't want an antibiotic unless I have a UTI, because I don't want to build up resistance to any antibiotic, if I can help it. Some people find that an antibiotic, in and of itself, can cause them to flare

    Since you are in a flare, why not drink plenty of water, watch you diet and activities, and go to bed with a heating pad. Be good to yourself this weekend. Hopefully you have meds to help you.

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      Many things can cause the dipstick test they use on your urine in the dr. office to have it read positive for a UTI. Blood in your urine, or not a clean catch can also cause a false reading. The dr.'s office usually send the urine out for a culture of your urine if the in-office test results in a positive reading. The culture examines your urine under a microscope to find any bacteria. If the culture was negative, you really do not have an infection, but most dr.'s will still keep you on antibiotics because the first test did say you had an infection. I know it is confusing, but like I said before, the test they use at the dr.'s office is not always very accurate, many things can cause a false reading on the test. Hope I was of some help.

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        Okay so they said its not an infection...but the nurse told me that it could be something else...a contamenent. There is blood in my urine...but its been like that now for like 5 years...just now I'm told I have a reason for it. Oh well...guess I'll just wait and see what the dr. tells me in a few weeks.
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