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  • LOL

    I have the urinary urgency, irritable bowel syndrome, laundry needs to be done blues. banghead scream
    IC-diagnosed August 1998 with cystoscopy and hydro
    IBS-diagnosed in 1998 probably had for majority of my life
    Fibro-Diagnosed in 2010
    Other conditions: Depression, High Cholesterol (irony)

    Primary symptoms: PAIN, bloating, frequency, urgency, fatigue

    Current Meds: Elavil 10mg at bedtime, Toviaz 4mg at bedtime, Lyrica 3x a day

    Failed meds: Vesicare, Detrol LA, Celexa, Vioxx, Celebrex, Ditropan XL, Elmiron
    "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

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    hi grinch- I hate doing laundry at school. School will be over soon. Hope it goes by quickly. Take care, k.

    This I recall to mind, therefore I have hope. Through the Lord's mercies we are not consumed. Because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness. "The Lord is my portion," says my soul, "Therefore I hope in Him!" Lamentations 3:21-24


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      My laundry has been sitting there, separated into "colour piles" for a couple of days now. For some reason it just hasn't found it's way down to the laundry room yet
      My story of healing and hope


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        I hate doing laundry at home. And my son left his driver's license in his pocket when he did laundry. It worked its way into the dryer mechanism and burned up the motor. $$$$ I ended up having to replace the washer and dryer. (The washer was ancient and was squealing between cycles.) More $$$$$$.

        Hope is the thing with feathers
        That perches in the soul,
        And sings the tune without the words,
        And never stops at all. --Emily Dickinson


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          ((((((((grinch))))))))) I hear you loud and clear....I have to do laundry ahalf hour away at Mom & Dad's.....not fun with the IBS, not to mention impossible at times. Urgency and Frequency are killers too. If I miss a Sunday, my outfits get pretty bizarre by midweek! lmao

          Do you do have a *per pound* laundry service available? Maybe you could just drop off and pick up your laundry -- let someone else do the wash-dry-fluff n' fold.

          Hope you get a break from IC and all its glory soon and to get that hamper.
          Somewhere there's a reason /Why things go like they do /Somewhere there's a reason /Why some things just fall through /We don't always see them /For what they really are /But I know there's a reason /Just can't see it from this far /Maybe I don't like it, /But I have no choice /I know that somewhere, /Someone hears my voice / I thought I knew it all /I thought I had it made /How could it end this way? /I thought I knew Somewhere there's a reason /Why things don't go my way /Somewhere there's a reason /That I cannot explain /Just like the change of season, /Just may not be my turn /But I know there's a reason, /The lesson's mine to learn


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            Okay well at least you guys have to do laundry still...mine's been clean for over a week,and i still haven't folded it, or put it away. I just movedinto my own apartment this weekend, so i haven't gotten situated yet. I've been in a bad flare this past week so I've been in bed alot...or peeing...either or, you take whichever one you want. I"m behind in a couple of my classes, i'm barely passing prod/op, and I have a few presentations due. I'm broke, and I'm supposed to leave for chicago in 2 weeks, and I turn 22 in 4 weeks and can't drink! I"m depressed! Oh well...okay, thats enough venting. Lets stick through it. Its almost summer time!!! (oh wait, then there's summer classes!!)
            "If its meant to be, it will happen to me!"


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              Yup we're almost done so hang in there girls. I am fortunate to have a boyfriend who cooks for me and does laundry when I am not feeling up to it. As long as my white bras don't come out pink, we are going to be just fine lmao How many of you are taking the dreadful summer classes?



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                OH summer classes...I"m taking 9 hours maybe 12 if I don't pass one of my classes this semester. It sucks...oh well...the end will be worth it!
                "If its meant to be, it will happen to me!"