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    Hi. I've recently been diagnosed with IC and have been dealing with the pain since last June. I'm a graduate student, and getting tho some weeks are quite difficult. Does anyone have any suggestions? i also have a strict diet and only drink water, but would love some other flavor. has anyone had success drinking anything other than water? tx :-)

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    Welcome to the IC Network.

    Water is usually the best option for ICers. I do enjoy drinking icy cold bottled water. I can also tolerate blueberry nectar (I make my own, but there is some on the market as well). Some report they have good luck with the pear juice in the baby food department. And there are some low acid teas and coffees (check the shopping section on this site).

    Warm hugs,
    Stay safe

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      I agree that just plain water can get old. I have been a diet coke for years and everytime I start to feel better I grab a can and if it doesn't hurt then I keep grabbing until one day I wake up with frequency from hell. I like my water ice cold. I haven't tried any of the supplements as I have to kick my diet coke addiction first. Remember to only try one thing at a time so you will know if it causes you problems.



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        Megs!! Unfortuanately, the only thing I've found that works for me is any kind of soda that has no more fizz... (ahh, I rememeber fizzy soda...) cussing But salt makes my soda flat now... Make sure there isn't any caffeine, though.. Although, I've found, never put salt in 7-up or Sprite, they just taste BAD!! hehe lmao But other than ice water, I haven't found anything yet that I can safely drink. I do like to drink kool-aid (and reminisce about the days of orange juice), but only on occasion. It's all you, though. Try some things, but only one at a time! It's HARD!! I know.. I see all my friends running around, drinking whatever they want.. How dare they!! banghead We love you and want you (and your bladder) to be happy!! ~melanie~
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          Hi Megs! Welcome to the ICN!

          I'm with Donna here -- water is by far the safest beverage for me too! I have heard that some ICers can tolerate pear juice, but I haven't tried it.

          Take care,
          My story of healing and hope


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            Hey Megs...

            Understand first of all that every one with IC reacts differently to every thing. That's been made very explicitly clear to me over the years re: foods, meds, symptoms, habits...and liquids.

            The previous posts are right on. Soda is a definite no-no. So is coffee. So is anything with caffeine. Alcohol is bad. So are fruit juices due the acidity. That being said, I may have a workable suggestion for you and everyone else that has yet to be mentioned: TRY GATORADE!!!!

            I've had IC for 17 years now (starting back when I was 14) and I find water to be the absolute worst thing for my condition. I know we're supposed to drink tons of it -- but it goes right through me. And, like you said, it's flavor-less.

            But Gatorade has worked wonders for me. I have basically been living off of it for nearly two decades. It comes in a variety of flavors. It's caffeine free. And it's essentially water anyway.
            It's also a thirst quencher (hey! I sound like a TV ad) so you won't drink as much fluids per day.
            And I think that's a plus -- because all these experts telling you to drink, drink, drink are wrong. The more I drink, the worse I feel.

            Anyway, give it a try. It works for me.



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              I can drink low acid orange juice and low acid apple juice. I can also drink herbal teas such as peppermint tea. Be careful with this though because I guess many people with IC cannot drink herbal teas. I can also drink other flavours of herbal teas such as camomille and vanilla hazelnut. blink


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                Megs, Water is my safest drink, too. It is so frustrating to be young and have to deal with IC--it's not easy at any time. I had my first bout with it when I was in graduate school; however, the doctors didn't have a name for the thing at that time. Also they used silver nitrate instills; they burned like fire.

                We have come a long way. We have a name and a Social Security code number for IC. Back then, no one believed that diet had any impact, but I had suspected so long ago. I was having trouble with tomatoes and condiments, and my mother used to pour vinegar in the salad dressings to make them stretch. Everytime I ate a salad at her house I got very, very sick. My mother-in-law used a lot of tomatoes, and I would get sick after eating at her house.

                Fruits also gave me trouble very early, and it was so noticeable because I am a diabetic and have always had to depend a lot on fruits. The relationship between diet and "that nameless bladder thing" was not lost on me. However, so much was complete guess work--much more so than today.

                Good luck. You will find a way to work with diet and to cope with IC and still finish your degree. I did, and I went go to earn a Ph.D. and have three children

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                  Water is where it is at. I drink mine at room temperature. I have also been able to have some luck with certain pear juices as long as they do not contain apples. Ginger ale I can tolerate except during flares and really, really, really, really water downed grape juice. It stinks I know. sometimes you need a little flavor and a little sugar. banghead
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                    When I am in a flare, I try to drink only water. I know it gets sooo boring!! Recently, I've tried bottled flavored water (the kind without sugar or calories) and it seems to be tolerable. Whenever I drink/eat something questionable, I follow it with a glass of water. I think that helps dilute the acid, or whatever else is bothering me.

                    I drink herbal teas as well. I take prelief when I have acidy foods and drinks and that seems to help.

                    Absolute no-nos for me are o.j., instant flavored coffees, nutra sweet, coke, and margaritas (miss those like crazy when I eat Mexican!!).

                    It's really trial and error. You might want to start with low- acid, flavored water or juice.

                    Nicole blink


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                      Hi Megs! Welcome to the ICN!

                      When I am in a flare, I agree with Nicole and all the other posts...water is where its at, and I like room temp water too. I also (learned the hard way) that it has to be SPRING water, not Dasani or Aquafina. They are just filtered inner city waters ....blahh blah . I also find, that in a flare, drinking almond milk helps me. You can get it at most health food stores. Not rice or soy, but almond. Almond milk is very alkaline (as opposed to acidic) and I really feel like it coats and helps when Im in a flare. I drink that every morning in my low-acid Kava coffee and although its already low acid I feel like the almond milk just takes the last bit of edge off of it.

                      The only other thing I will drink is occasionally I will treat myself to an all natural soda. I think Hansens is the brand, and they have a no-calorie one sweetened with splenda. I usually pour it into a glass and mix it to get some of the bubbles out, but I can tolerate just a bit of bubbles once in a while as a treat.

                      As far as drinks, thats really about it I know how tough it can be- I am in graduate school too. THe only vending machines in my building are by Coke, and therefore the only thing that I THOUGHT I could drink was the water (Dasani) and I learned one day in class that I couldnt do that at all!!!! I ended up goin home in the middle of that class. wink . Its tough, I know, my classes are three hours long with a 10 minute break in between...Most of my professors know I will have to get up before then!! I bring my lunch to school just about every day, and if I dont have time to make my coffee before I leave, I throw the bottle in my backpack (I have the hugest backpack in the world) and I pay .53$ for a cup of hot water. Hey, whatever works, you know?!?

                      Glad you found us here. School of any kind with IC can be tough. I was diagnosed in undergraduate. The hardest part of grad school was just coming to a new school and having to tell new people hahaha. lmao After that got all settled, although Ive had some bad weeks, it hasnt been so terrible. I have some strategies...sometimes I will pop some pyridium (although I try not to make that often) or sometimes I need my soma (a muscle relaxer) and then I have to drink lots of low acid coffee with it to keep me alert!! But if I bring my food, and my water, I should be OK....I also watch my posture (or try to) in my seat for 3 hours, that can be bad, I always get up and walk around at break. I also take prelief before acidy things, and I know like Nicole said that Nutra sweet, OJ (even low acid OJ)and tomato products are the worst for me. I also take some supplements- are you on any medications??
                      But its not so bad- I survived this semester, and only missed a few classes!
                      Let us know how it goes!! Good luck with school, and if you have ANY questions, you know where to come to!! wink
                      Big hugs, good luck!! grouphug
                      Rachel :p
                      @[email protected]
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                        Hi Megs, welcome to the icn network. I can drink furit 2o flavored water with no problems and I can drink gingerale with no problems. everyone is different with their ic and diets. It is all trial and error. Just hang in there and there ishope. Please let us know how you are doing. We care.
                        Hang in there , There is hope.
                        There is hope. Prayer works.

                        Love, Debbie