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    Hi Guys,
    Well, its been awhile since i"ve posted on here. It seems like I'm constantly on the go. I've been supper stressed lately, and finally I'm starting to get some releif. I've had so many freakin' issues, now the onlything that is getting to me is that my books for summer classes that started a month ago still are on backorder, and i'm taking all internet classes. So i'll have month to do 2 months worth of work. Oh well...stuff seems better though since I started the Elmiron (even though I'm broke now) and taking the prelief. I feel normal a normal college student.
    Well, gotta run.
    "If its meant to be, it will happen to me!"

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    Hey girlie,

    I totally know how it feels to never be able to catch up with yesterday!! Glad to see you around, though.

    Life is just a cycle of brilliance and blues. I can't help it if I'm stuck in brilliance.. hehe


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      I'm happy for you hazgirl. I know what a struggle is to go to school. I am going into my last year of undergrad. Congrats on being on top of things. It's not always an easy task.
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        I know it too! Im finishing up in august.....and melanie jean said it well-- catching up with yesterday (or last semester.....) hahaha.

        Its so great to hear your doing great!! You should be proud of yourself. COngrats!!
        "Well the Secret O'Life is enjoying the passage of time." ~James Taylor