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  • confidentiality issues

    As many of you may know, I've been having trouble with the financial aid department at my university. I have applied for a bursary but they want proof of my expenses. I understand their requirement for proof, but I am very uncomfortable giving it to someone I don't think understands my situation and my sudden desire for confidentiality.

    I am going to be submitting receipts for LOTS of tylenol #3's, percocet, different antidepressants and sleeping pills (in addition to a bunch of other stuff). I emailed this guy to ask about confidentiality and he "assured" me that there was no problem - realize that he wants me to leave my receipts on his chair in his cubicle - that bothers me.

    I already know from the grapevine that things are getting around, so I'm feeling doubly comprimised in this situation. I keep wondering what training does this guy have to be able to see the drug names of the stuff I've been taking. I'm not a drug addict, but I do suffer from chronic pain and I think in the wrong hands, this information will be misinterpreted.

    It just makes me feel very uneasy.

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    You don't have to give him receipts showing drug names or diagnostic information. You can ask your pharmacist for receipts that simply indicate the expenses are for prescriptions. You can also get receipts from your physicians offices with no diagnostic information.

    Leave them on a chair???? I think this guy's supervisor needs to be involved in this one. Is there anyone else you can have handle your request?

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      I totally agree with Donna about the receipts. At my pharmacy, the register receipts only print out the prescription number.
      If you must leave them on his chair, I'd make sure they are sealed and write confidential on the envelope.
      Maybe you could write a brief letter explaining that you are concerned about confidentiality. And maybe a letter from your Dr explaining that these meds are necessary.
      I think your concerns are totally valid, because some people are just ignorant and don't understand what we go through.
      Keep us posted on the progress.
      take care,


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        At my school, no one knows the exact nature of my disabilities unless I tell them. The doctors notes do not have to be specific, instead they say what is necessary for my education. My teachers are told i have disability services, but it is up to me if i want to give specifics.