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    Hi everyone,

    I got diagnosed with IC during my 3rd year of university, and one organization that was SO wonderful and supportive during this time was the Disability Resource Centre (DRC).

    The DRC broadly defines the word "disability" to be basically any condition or illness that impedes a student's ability to function to their fullest academic potential -- anything from an eating disorder, to being in a wheelchair, to having a chronic condition like IC. They were absolutely amazing to me. After the initial intake, where I had to provide documentation from my family doctor and urologist about IC, they helped me in any way they could.

    It's different for every student, but some of the assistance I received was a note taker, tutor and alternate exam location. I had a note taker who would attend my classes if I was too ill, and take notes for me. I had a tutor to help me with one of my classes. And I took all of my exams within the DRC which happened to be right beside the washroom!! They also acted as a liaison and advocate between my professors and me.

    After my cystoscopy/dialation, it took a quite a while for me to recover from the pain, and a complication from the general anesthetic. I missed a lot of school, and was in constant pain, not to mention the frequency and urgency. Also the side effects from the pain meds were not pleasant. When I went to the DRC (after basically being forced into it by the academic advisor), I felt incredibly relieved that they first of all believed me (which one of my profs didn't!! -- he didn't believe someone could go to the bathroom as much as I did!), and second of all they offered me assistance and support when I needed it the most. I felt as though even if I didn't take them up on any of the academic concessions they offered, their support was enough!

    I strongly encourage you to check out the DRC-type organization at your university. See what's available to assist you with your IC. It might be under a different name at your university, but the vast majority of universities will have this type of organization on campus.

    If you need any more information, or if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me [email protected]

    Take care,
    My story of healing and hope

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    My story of healing and hope


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      I get good services from my college also. I am provided with notetakes, and an alternate testing location if necessary. I am allowed to take 12 hours instead of the 15 that my financial aid says i have to take.
      My school has a strict attendance policy, but in my case it is altered due to my frequent hospilizations.


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        Glad to hear that you have a disability centre that's willing to do something. Mine doesn't want to do anything but "advocate" if I can't fight hard enough... being a grad student I've been left to fight my own battles. I'm happy though that there is support out there for some of us at university.

        All obstacles in life are mere opportunities.

        - Jesper Larson, Danish Mathematician