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Choosing a major with IC

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  • Choosing a major with IC

    I have changed my major several times realizing how having IC may limit my success. I recently have chosen to go into the field of nursing. I think in some ways as a way to give back all the support and encouragement I have received. Today I spoke with a civil rights lawyer. I wanted to know if it is legal to be a nurse and take pain meds if needed. I also wanted to find out how to handle the ER portion of the schedule. I could hold off urinating on occasion right when I need to, but not everyday etc. Since I never paln to work in an ER I wanted to find out if the school would be required to substitute the ER portion with something else. The answers were not encouraging. As far as the meds go it will be up to the individual administration even if I could demonstrate that I was able to work and keep a great GPA etc. The ER situation she was not sure on. She said they most likely would argue that I don't meet the basic requirements of the position. However, they make be able to make resonable accomidations. Again there is no clear law. So, I am now again trying to decide if my major is a good choice.
    Any one going through this???

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    I suggest you talk with the dean of the nursing school where you plan to attend. I really admire your motivation for wanting to choose nursing. There is definitely a need for dedicated nurses. Also, there are positions in nursing that don't require being on your feet all day, which can be a blessing.

    I hope you are able to work this out. Let me know what you find out.

    Stay safe

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      Is there a nurses association in the state you live in? Who are they registered under? They should be able to tell you about the narcotic part of your question at least.


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        Hi Adrienne,
        I can understand what you're going through because I struggled with the decision to become a teacher. In my head, I went through every potential situation that I could possibly encounter as a teacher, but I found that the anxiety and stress I was giving myself was sometimes worse than the actual IC!
        Anyways, I think it's a good idea to look into a nurses association or organization that can give you some guidance on this issue. What kinds of narcotics are you on? How often to you take pain medication?
        Also, perhaps you can look into some alternative work settings, other than working in a hospital, such as homecare or working in a school.
        Good luck to you!
        Email me if you have any more questions... [email protected]
        Take care
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