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    Hey guys, well I was debating on taking classes this semester because I have been in so much pain. I did a medical withdrawl last semester from all of my classes.....and that's not the first time. I decided to take it easy, so I am taking 2 online classes so I don't have to walk all over the place and sit through those boring lectures I've never taken online classes before so I am crossing my fingers that they aren't extremely hard. Wish me luck So what is everyone else doing this semester? Anyone taking any classes or about to graduate? Talk to you all soon.


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    I'm in university and can understand how you feel. An online course, that sounds interesting. I can't take them in my program but I go to a very small university where your profs invite all the students (under 10 in my class/ program) to dinner at their house and stuff. I have found being in contact with the special needs office on my campus has enabled me to gain acces to an exam room near a bathroom and where the instructions are free unlimited access to the bathroom and a bit of extra time for the time spent in the bathroom, incomplete grades till I actually hand in my papers... Some university and colleges are more accomodating than others but you have a right to an education. Wishing you the best of luck through your studies.


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      *sigh* With all that I've been through, I've finally convinced my department and everyone else that I should take a leave of absence - finally. Hopefully this will do me good, as long as I'm not scraping the barrel to pay my huge medical bills

      I think there is a time to fight actively and a time to fight by taking care of yourself first, now is my time to take care of myself.

      Good luck for all of you trying to continue with school! Don't ever give up on your dreams!

      All obstacles in life are mere opportunities.

      - Jesper Larson, Danish Mathematician


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        Hello everyone

        Today I retired from the paper industry (17 Years)

        For the past 3 years I have been working full time and doing classes in the evenings.

        Well I was just accepted into the Nursing program here and those classes are only offered during the day sooooo...As of Tuesday I will be just a student.

        The classes are 3 hours long and I am just hoping that we are given a break half way through coz I am worried that I can't go that long without a pee break.

        Also we have an 8 hour clinical once a week at a hospital. I am just nervous about having to go at the wrong time.

        Good luck to you all in your studies.
        Life is fragile. Handle with Prayer.