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    Hey guys!!I'm so excited I'm leaving for Chicago in a week! I'm needing a break from drs and everyone! I just hope I'm not the only one in the group that has to stop every 2 hours to pee! That will be embarassing! But oh well.
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    That's great Kelby! Are you going on vacation?

    Have fun!! Chicago is a fun city!! Hope your IC behaves.

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      I love Chicago --- haven't been there for years, but would love to go back.

      Hope you have a wonderful time!

      Stay safe

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        Chicago is an amazing city -- you should have a lot of fun there. Definitely take in a game at Wrigley (if you're into baseball) and if you have time (and can hold out long enough) go on the architectural cruise that runs on the Chicago River.

        Have a great time!!

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