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  • making it through the day

    I was in such a bad flare last night. I could barely walk to go to the bathroom. The pain and the nausea waas unbearable. I felt like soembody had stepped on my kidney with a cleat. I finally fell asleep sitting straight up. Today I am as even more tired than usual and it hurts stand, walk, or sit for long periods od time. I have so much to do today and all I want to do is sleep. Days like this make me want to just give up on my education. Just needed to vent and feel sorry for myself for a few minutes.
    IC-diagnosed August 1998 with cystoscopy and hydro
    IBS-diagnosed in 1998 probably had for majority of my life
    Fibro-Diagnosed in 2010
    Other conditions: Depression, High Cholesterol (irony)

    Primary symptoms: PAIN, bloating, frequency, urgency, fatigue

    Current Meds: Elavil 10mg at bedtime, Toviaz 4mg at bedtime, Lyrica 3x a day

    Failed meds: Vesicare, Detrol LA, Celexa, Vioxx, Celebrex, Ditropan XL, Elmiron
    "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

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    You weren't alone last night [img]frown.gif[/img] I know for a fact that I was up all night and am sure that others were too [img]frown.gif[/img]
    People just don't understand. They look at you like you are nuts when you say I couldn't sleep. I dread night time. Seems like once I start to relax the pain is so much more noticable and it sucks. I am lucky and don't my schedule is really screwed up. My hubby gets mad when I don't get out of bed till noon....he doesn't know that I didn't get to sleep till 5am.
    I've decided that since I never get things done around the house I'm going to start doing my cleaning. Might as well be productive when sleep just isn't possible [img]frown.gif[/img]

    I sure do hope you are feeling better~
    Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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      I also have been having problems sleeping. I get up every 45 minutes to go to the bathroom. Then I have a hard time falling back to sleep. I am a radiology student. I am require to be in school for 40 hours a week and I work 10-20 hours each week. Today I had to leave school because I was just so tired I could not stand it anymore. My doctor just increased my Elavil to 25 mgs before bedtime, but it has really helped yet. I have started to study for my boards when I can't sleep. That usually puts me right to sleep within 20 minutes.

      Good luck,
      West Virginia Interstitial Cystitis/Prostatitis Support Group Leader
      [email protected]


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        I have thought about giving up on my education too. I just get really embarrassed when I have to get up during the middle of a class to go to the bathroom. Even though I sit on the aisle closest to the door, the class still notices that you are getting up. I pray for the end of class to come as quickly as possible b/c by the end of class I am a nervous wreck. My hour and 15 minute class is the worst. I really dread going to my classes. Does anyone have any tips to deal with this?


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          Usually, what I do is talk to my professors ahead of time and explain my situation to them. That way, it is not a big deal when I have to constantly get up and go. The worst thing is having a professor single you out and try to make an example of you for leaving class. I had that happen once before I was diagnosed and knew what to tell my professors.
          I had this professor who once stopped me on my way out of class and said, "There will be no more of this leaving class to go to the bathroom. You will go before you come to class." He said this to the entire class, but I was getting up to go at the time, so I felt like it was directed to me.
          I went anyway (when you got to go, you got to go). This pregnant lady said she was going to talk to the dean about the professor. I dropped the class so I am not sure what happened. I just wanted to avoid any future situations with him.
          Since then, most professors that I have talked to have been more than accomadating. Some, so much so, that I feel that I am taking advantage of them. They extend deadlines for me and let me make up exams and quizzes.
          Are far as worring about what the other students think, I have found that most don't even notice. You think they do because everyone looks up when you walk out and get back, but they really don't. Hell, I see people go in and out of class everyday and I don't remember if they went the class before or not, mainly because I don't care. And most people don't, they are too busy with problems in their own lives.
          If you are uncomfortable talking about your condition and someone does say something about your frequent trips, say you are on a medication that makes you have to go to the bathroom. I have done this with friends and most just shrug and say "oh, really. That sucks." and that's the end of it.
          Just don't give up on your education. Take some internet classes if you can't attend class. More importantly, talk to the people at your school (administrators, professors,...etc.). I promise you that they will go out of their way to help you get through and graduate. Good luck to you.

          I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read and all the friends I want to see. ~John Burroughs


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            I feel just the same as you--it's absolutely horrendous to have to deal with this in college. I go at night, so my classes are 3 hours with just one break--trying to mke it to that break is just brutal. It gets to the point where you're trying so hard to get there that you're not paying any attention to what's going on in the class! At any rate, I do have some suggestions for you....Go to your college's Counseling Center. There they usually have someone who handles accommodations for students with disabilities. Most of the time, all you need is a note from your doctor stating that you have this condition which requires frequent and urgent access to a restroom. At my school, they forward a letter to my professor stating that I am allowed to take periodic breaks from class, if necessary and am entitled to preferential seating (i.e., near the door, so as not to disrupt class if I should have to get up). I, like you, HATE to get up in the middle of class, but find that the other students get up and go all the time. I just feel like I don't want to take advantage of the accommodations I've been granted. Anyway, I hope this helps you some.

            Be well,


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              Carolinagirl- and everyone else~~~

              I know how it goes! I go to school during the day, but I am a nursing student, so my classes are three hours as well. And THEN i have clinicals, which are 12 hour shifts on hospital units, and when its real busy, peeing is a privledge-- nurses will tell you! they dont pee! I too have to sit for my nursing boards in two months, and I have started all the paperwork to let me take this 5 hour timed test with as many breaks as I want. Its not easy though. I usually explain my situation to the professor to, just because I dont want to feel like Im insulting them when I walk out all the time. They are usually very understanding. I am nervous for what it is going to be like out in the real world that I have gotten used to dealing in collge, I have no idea how I will out of college- especialy if I have to work a 12 hour night shift! Oh well- one step at a time. And, as hard as it is, my only advice is to NOT give up on your education. We can all do it...I have, and now I only have ONE MORE MONTH!
              "Well the Secret O'Life is enjoying the passage of time." ~James Taylor


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                I hear all you guys and can totally relate, I was just recently diagnosed so I did not have any real excuse to tell my professers before either. I ended up in the hospital a couple of times this last year because of it and I also have a kidney disease which is aggreivated by IC- now when I try to explain to my proffessors what is going on most of them say bring me a docters note, to me that is a blow to the stomach we are in college not middle school.For me the worst thing is the pain walking- my campus is huge (which I'm sure yours is too) and it only seems bigger when you can't walk or stand or even move half of the time.And the one's who do seem to care about you still look at you like your freak because they don't understand what's going on if I had cancer they would have more of a clue than when you tell them I have IC or even just saying I have a bladder disease.But I also need any idea's on how to surrive if anyone has any. [img]confused.gif[/img]