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    Can I just ask why summer classes cost so much? It is one class and it cost more than my books for a semester? What's up with that? I cannot wait for the semester to be over. The last few weeks have really done me in. I slept for five straight hours yesterday. I just couldn't go on. I am just holding on by threads. I still have a major research paper, repsonse papers due twice a week, two presentations, and then a huge final paper, and three other finals. I haven't seen my family since January, and I can't wait. I have two nephews and a niece that miss their auntie very much and whose auntie misses them very much. I give us all our props for being able to do our thing in school especially when often times we are suffering in silence. So congratulations lady. We are making and we will get through it. sorry I went off on a tangent. grouphug
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    I know what you mean. I'm only taking on measly 3 unit course this summer, and it's $2880. Nearly a grand per unit! Insanity...


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      Im in the same same same boat.

      .....and Id rather be at the pool!! hahaha.
      Lets hope we all enjoy!!
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