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    I'm currently in my 2nd year of uni and my IC causes me problems with attendance, somedays i am just in too much pain i cant even get out of bed/dressed let alone make it in to doctor wouldn't give me some sort of letter to excuse me from lessons, he said i would have to come in and get the note on the day...but im sure you guys can understand when i say with the pain this wouldn't be physically possible. I'm feeling really frustrated because i dont really know what i can do, and whenever i've tried to explain to a tutor they dont understand the illness, like most people!

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    All of us here understand and I hope you feel better real soon.
    I pray daily and I hope they find a cure real soon to this dipilitating desease.
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      I would think that your doctor should be able to give you some sort of letter stating that you have interstitial cystitis, a painful bladder disease. Have you talked with the disabilities office at your school?

      Warm hugs,
      Stay safe

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        Sounds like you need a new doctor. A specialist maybe. I would also then go to your schools disabilities/special needs office. All universities have them. Good luck.


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          A good doctor can and will give you a note. My first two years of uni, I carried a doctors note with me, and at the start of the quarter gave them to my professors. Even if I didn't have the note, simply explaining my condition and the problems it could cause got most teachers to work with me.

          That said, I have also switched almost entirely to online classes, because I can't sit through a lecture at all anymore. I would definitely suggest looking into online coursework, it has enabled me to nearly finish my AA.
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            Disability services

            Are you in the US? I just went through disability services at my university because I was having the same problem. It's really nice. They verify it with my doctor and then contact my professors saying I have a disability and will occasionally miss class and may need to leave in the middle of a lecture. So I don't have to go to my professors and say "So, prof. I pee. A lot. So don't mind me if I get up a couple times in a lecture." Cause that's kind of embarrassing.

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              I started attending school last summer and last fall was one of the worst flares I've ever had. OK - it was the worst. And then this semester I'm at a four year college (I'm 39 and a returning student) and week two, had a flare. I went to Disabled Student Services and they are helping me get lenience with my professors for attendance as well as giving me extra time in a low-distraction environment for taking tests, so I can get up and move around.

              They did ask for a letter from my doctor saying I have a medical condition, the name (Interstitial Cystitis) and the diagnostic code. My doctor, whose husband is a university professor, told me that this would not get me out of any assignments or responsibilities, but that the point was that it would help get me some tools to deal with going to school.

              Maybe if you make an appointment and talk to DSS on campus and then go to your doctor and make a specific request for a letter saying you are being treated for a chronic pain condition that may necessitate your taking a day or two here and there, then your doctor will be ok with it. My doctor made a point of saying she wasn't going to make any comments about *how* I do my work, just that I have a condition and that she is happy to talk with DSS about anything they need, information-wise, about my condition.

              It might just be your doctor doesn't want to be the one to give you a blank check. And DSS wouldn't let that happen, either. They just want to help it make it possible for you to get an education, even with what they consider a disability.

              I'd give it a shot. It's already a huge relief to me to know I will be able to have some understanding from my professors (one has even told me that if I let her know ahead of time I'll be absent that she'll give me credit for being there as long as I turn things in, which is amazingly cool).

              Good luck and take care -

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                I am currently a senior in college and have had IC since week 2 of my freshman year. The way that I have handled it thus far is to approach my professors at the beginning of the semester and explain my disease. I tell them that I need access to the bathroom at all times and that I may occasionally miss class due to big pain flares. Then if I do end up missing class (which for me happens from 2-4 times a semester per class) I send an email that morning or if I know the evening before. This method has worked for me 90% of the time and all my professors have been really helpful. I have even had to get an occasional extension on a paper because my pain has made it impossible to work. Just be upfront and honest (even though it can be embarassing).

                In the other 10% of the time the professor asks for a doctor's note ahead of time because my doctor is in a different state and I am DEFINITELY not going into the clinic (which is 0 help) and I treat the pain/symptoms myself. The note my doctor gave me says something along the lines of:
                I am treating Ms. So and so for a urological condition, she requires free access to the bathroom at all times and due to intermittent pain flares may miss class, these absences should be considered medically excused.

                This has worked well for me thus far but I have also heard the disibilities office is really helpful.