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Going Back with IC (Optimistic)

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  • Going Back with IC (Optimistic)

    This upcoming semester is going to be my first one where I've fully accepted my lifestyle with IC. I plan on discussing everything with my professors as soon as possible into the semester, which should make things go a bit more smoothly. Sadly, the attendance policy at the university is strict-- But I'm sure I can find a way if my symptoms increase.
    So far, my methods have been helping. Today, I bought a lot of good foods-- Gluten free bisquick mix, blueberries, pears, veggies, honey bunnies (the cereal), and metromint water-- Along with other things. Its time to test food out and see what affects me. This past week, I've been trying very hard to eat well. The pain from IC has drastically decreased already. I figure if I get used to this before the semester, it'll make packing lunches a lot faster, because I'll know what I want.
    My only concern about all of this would be times where I am on campus for a long duration. I don't want to spend 8-10 dollars for meals that will either put me in pain or be nutritionally unbalanced. My plan is to buy one of the new lunch bags-- A "packit." I'm hoping they'll keep any food I need cold at a good temperature at least until I go home.
    If the plan fails, I suppose I'll have to find some foods that can easily be eaten at room temperature. Wish me luck! Thought I'd post a little optimism for the coming semester, because at first, it was a bit overwhelming planning things out. The adjustment of being diagnosed to learning to live with it- Well, its a process that looks bigger than it is, eh? Yay for getting healthy.

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    With your attitude, you will make it!

    I do suggest you visit the disabilities office at your university. They can help make life much easier for you.

    Stay safe

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      I did not have much to say except that I was kinda thinking about what Donna had mentioned. Also, I am hoping and praying that you will be able to get by good enough. I have read posts from other college students with IC as well.


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        You can ask your dr to write a letter for you to give to your disabilities office. I did this last semester in college. My letter just stated that I had IC and it was an incurable painful disease. My dr said she is trying to manage my symptoms but sometimes I would have flares. She asked for unrestricted use of the restroom and leniency on the attendance policy if I was having a flare. I believe it is against the law for them to deny you these accommodations. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I've been a college student with IC for 4 years now.

        What helps me the most is not scheduling long classes. My longest has been 3 hours and we would get breaks every hour. Usually I scheduled them to be 1h 20 mins and usually only scheduled one or two classes a day so its not overwhelming. I also take a lot of my classes online which helps. So even if I'm flaring or just feeling like crap I can be at home and do my work all in one day of the week or a little bit each day depending on what I can do.
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          You will do great! Stay positive! Get a letter from you doctor and give it to the disability office. Also, inform your profs about your condition. Your bathroom breaks will def be excused and maybe even your absenses. Sit as close to the exit as possible, in case you have to run to the restroom. It also prevents the other students from being distracted. Keep in contact with your profs if you miss a class. Most prof will excuse your absense and keep you updated on what you missed. Good luck! Keep us posted!