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Back to school - 2nd year of my MA. Trial and error.

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  • bubbe1
    back to school

    I would have to agree that stress is a major cause of flares, at least for me,but if you don't feel better in a while, you might want to check for a UTI, just to be safe.

    Feel well, and good luck with your theisis.


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  • ICNDonna
    It sounds like you may be one of those who are helped by hydrodistention. After my first one back in 1975 I did a lot of bleeding, but now I only have a little bit the first day. I hope your symptoms will calm down quickly.


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  • Back to school - 2nd year of my MA. Trial and error.

    Hi everyone,

    I have not posted in a while, but am both in need of moral support and also wanted to be helpful to any other students on the boards.

    I am a graduate student writing a thesis and presently my first chapter is due by the end of this weekend. I have been in remission since last Spring after I was diagnosed with a hydrodistension and cystoscopy. I attribute the relief both to acupuncture and the hydrodistension (but as I've written elsewhere: the hydrodistension was a nightmare for me because I got a lot of internal bleeding, could no longer urinate, and went to emergency).

    SURPRISE SURPRISE stress is a big trigger for IC and as this giant deadline loomed over me I am now facing my first full-on flare in MONTHS!

    I spent this evening rapidly panicking and then trying to calm down. I'm now drinking a lot of water, just had rice and some greens for dinner, and I am taking AZO. I hope that the AZO is enough to cover up the urgency and burning until the end of the week.

    One obvious fear is that I may actually have a UTI, but given the context (my stress, the build up, and probably eating acidic foods all summer without paying for it) - it seems more likely that is IC. It just comes as a shock since I was in a happy awesome place for a long while.

    Oh well.

    Tonight I am trying to continue with my writing and calm down and focus my mind.

    Anyway I to anyone wondering how this is helpful: I have not posted on the ICN forum in half a year and I agree with other members who have said that when things are pretty good, we probably aren't posting as much! So I guess that's just to say: stay positive. It does not always suck.