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    I was just perscribed Emeron but I heard about all the bad side effects and also says it takes at least a month or more to even start helping has anyone had any good effects

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    Re: If meds

    Lots of people find it very helpful. They have to tell you all the possible side effects, only a small percentage get any if them. It dies help some enough that they put up with the side effects.

    I was told 6 months before it would work, so don't give up after a month, you maybe a lucky one and start to get relief after a month, but for most people it takes much longer than that. Lots of people take hydroxizine or amitriptaline while waiting for elmeron to start working.

    With IC everyone is very different, and all react differently to meds and foods.
    My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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      Re: If meds

      to the IC Network family!

      Elmiron can take up to six months or longer to become effective so, as Mothergoose suggests, you might want to try some other options during the time it takes.

      Even though only a tiny percentage of people experience it, it's common for people to worry about the possible hair loss side effect from elmiron --- if that's a concern for you, I suggest you do a brush test early on. Take a hair free brush and brush your hair thoroughly --- then comb the hair from the brush and store it in a plastic bag. Then if you feel you are losing hair, do another brush test, comparing it with the stored hair.

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