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  • You are not alone

    I'm a little old for this room, but I wanted to start a thread to support college kids living with IC. I didn't know it at the time, but I went through multiple degree programs while dealing with undiagnosed IC.

    I currently work for a University and I'm in contact daily with students who are working as hard as they can to get through their classes while facing all kinds of difficulties. Thinking back to my own time in school, I remember a lot of times when I was sitting through lectures or participating in discussions while experiencing searing pain I couldn't explain. I couldn't stop to focus on healing my symptoms, and that caused a lot of harm to my body and personal life. I wish that I had known about these resources back then- instead I went through a lot of rounds of antibiotics with doctors who didn't recognize my condition.

    The good news- if you are reading this, it means you're already way ahead of college-aged me! I know it is really hard to deal with the pain of IC, and it's even harder when you feel like you're going through it alone. This condition was not "your fault" and having it does not make you any less awesome. You may need to modify your diet or habits to help your bladder to feel better, and there are tons of people on here who you can talk to about that. Read through the resources on the site, and ask us questions if you don't see an answer to your specific questions. It can also feel good to vent to people who understand, without necessarily seeking a solution.

    Take the time to focus on doing things that relieve your stress and alleviate your symptoms. Lots of Universities offer Yoga classes for elective credit, or for free through their athletic centers. Making space in your schedule for yet another thing can seem overwhelming, but adding something like yoga or meditation in could take maybe an hour but recharge you in such a huge way. My University also offers free and/or low cost counseling options to students. Having a therapist on campus is super convenient, and investing that time in yourself can help you to be happier and more effective in many facets of your life.

    Anyway, I hope you're all getting through midterms ok! Making your way through college with IC deserves a special commendation.

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    Re: You are not alone

    Thank you for sending encouragement. There are times when it isn't easy to live with our bodies and we can all use a little pat on the back occasionally.

    Stay safe

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