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    Hi i'm new to this board am 17 and come from england.I've been suffering for 3 years now and would just really like to get in touch with some people my own age who understand just what i'm going through and how difficult going to school with this condition is. It's so difficult for my friends to realise what an effect this has on what i can do and sometimes i feel like i'm talkin to a brick wall banghead !i find stress makes my frequency worse (my main problem) yet going to school makes me stressed! it's a vicious circle!

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    Ah honey... We all know what you mean!! My IC started in college, I'm 21 now.. But HS is never easy and IC just seems to make every little thing worse. Just when you think things couldn't get worse, you pee your pants!! UGH! I know that feeling all too well. There are a few of us here that are in our 20s and a few that are younger. Try looking on a few other boards to try and find us. We're all over... hehe If you ever need anything, can think of anything that you need help or advise about, please let me know!! I want to be able to help you. ~mel~
    Life is just a cycle of brilliance and blues. I can't help it if I'm stuck in brilliance.. hehe


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      Hi there! I'm 20, but my IC kicked in full force when I was 16, my junior year in high school. My teachers used to say "you should have gone to the bathroom in between classes" when I'd have to go, so I'd have to sit there and hold it. Oh was that painful!!! And for their knowledge, I did go between classes!!! Ughhhhhhhhhhhh I wish they all had really bad IC for a day just to know what it's like, so other kids don't have to suffer.

      Not to mention, our high school was huge! By the time I'd get to the bathroom, there'd be kids smoking in the stalls, so they'd be full. Or else there'd be 1,000,000 girls applying lip gloss and talking about tampons while being jammed into the bathroom. Couldn't find my way in to the toilet half the time!! (hehe) Anyways, yes there is a point to this long, rambled story!!! and that point is, if you have the same problems I did with the teachers, you should get the medical card that has IC on it.

      Ok, now that I've taken a long, and bad trip down memory lane, I'm gonna end this post.

      If you ever need to chat or anything, just PM me. We are all here for you!!

      Mommy to 2 crazy, wonderful kids and wife to the most amazing man in the world!


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        Hello I'm 20...going on 50...I found out I had IC my first year of college. I don't know what it's like in High school and having ic. we had so many problems in high school that we had a close campus, we were locked in our class room all day....I know if i had ic when I was in high school I would pee my pants...or what have you. But If you ever would like to talk....feel free to contact me or my amazing friends that I found on this so amazing...she is so smart..she loves to help and the same thing for Melanie...they are my friends..and sisters...for life. I would love to hear from you...if you would ever like to email me please feel free to email me, my address is [email protected] take good care of yourself...Love,


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          Hey you guys!! Forgot to mention one thing. If you find it necesary to leave class to use the bathroom, ask your doc to write you a note. Sorta a bathroom pass... But make sure your principal and all your teachers know that you have IC, that way they won't just make you sit when you need to go. I would ask your doctor to write that note and schedule an appointment with your principal, or whoever is in charge at your school (I don't know if they have principals in England...). Don't let your teachers intimidate you into sitting through the whole class if you have to go!! You have a medical condition and it's definately NOT your fault that you have to go. Let me know if you need help with what to say to your teachers. And always remember to never let the potty-man suck you down!!

          ~mel~ toilet
          Life is just a cycle of brilliance and blues. I can't help it if I'm stuck in brilliance.. hehe


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            Hi, I'm Zanni2:

            I certainly have a bone to pick with teachers who don't let kids go to the bathroom when they need to during class. I think it is downright shocking that people have to get special permission just to take care of basic bodily needs. It is obvious society wants to teach kids to suppress human nature instead of to work in harmony with it. Many teachers are unwittingly giving kids negative messages about the human body and its functions. Kids are given the impression that it's not OK to have to go to the bathroom and how dare they need to go at the "wrong" time! Give me a break! Teachers call this "discipline" but I call it abuse! cussing And when we have a medical problem that affects our bodily functions, we're made to feel even worse than normal people are!

            In my opinion, teachers and principals ought to get educated about health issues and parents need to complain to them when their children aren't allowed to use the bathroom, especially if they have a bladder or bowel problem. If they don't, this form of abuse will just continue on causing more unnecessary suffering for kids. I went through this in kindergarten and I witnessed it happen to other kids in grammar school and high school. These traumatic memories took a toll on me psychologically into adulthood. Now that I have IC (over four years now), I thank God at least I didn't have it when I was in school, otherwise I could have gone insane!

            For anyone out there who has IC or any other problem relating to elimination, if you are attending school of whatever grade, get your doctor's notes and IC cards from this website! Teachers and principals have got to learn to honor their student's needs and to treat them with respect and dignity! I wish you the best of luck and a speedy recovery. angel


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              Hi CathyJW! Welcome to the ICN!

              I can understand how stressed you are...even though I wasn't diagnosed with IC in high school, I certainly was suffering from symptoms! Are you on any meds/treatments right now? Have you tried following the IC diet? That really helped me. We're here for you!!!

              Zanni2, as a teacher I must say....the vast majority of teachers that I have met have all be sensitive to kid's bladder issues (of course, as in ANY profession, there are exceptions). We are well aware that children have smaller bladders than adults and I must stress to you that many of my collegues are cognizent of this fact. So, please don't paint all teachers with the same brush.

              I am accountable for the teaching and well-being of 30 children, Monday to Friday, from 8:45 AM until 3:00 PM. I have to know where they are at ALL times because I am responsible for them.
              The reason children have to tell me if they leave the room (whether it's for a drink, to use the washroom or for another reason) is because I need to know where they are at all times. I would never deny a child to use the washroom, but they need to tell me before they leave the room for whatever reason. It's not a power trip, nor is it "special permission", it's just so I know where my kids are throughout the class and the day.

              I'm sorry you had bad experiences with this as a child. As I stated before, of course there are some insensitive teachers out there that perhaps are not understanding, but I can assure you that there are many wonderful, caring and compassionate teachers that are very understanding of this issue.

              Take care,
              My story of healing and hope