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How is everyone?

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  • How is everyone?

    How is everyone doing?
    When does school get out for you?
    I am done with the spring semester of college on May 10. I am so happy that i have managed to stay caught up even through hospital stays.
    I do not have many summer plans, but we are going to visit my grandparents in california.
    My brother graduates from college in a few weeks, so this trip will be the last with all family members.
    hope everyone is having a great day!
    [email protected]

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    Hi Meghan,
    You are so lucky that you are able to travel! It's great that you have managed not to get behind, sounds like your life is somewhat back on
    I read your posts about mastocytosis and I hope all those million meds do what they're supposed to.
    I'm doing pretty bad, physically, and can't get even the slightest relief from anything I've tried, but keeping my spirits up...


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      I hope all are doing well!
      when does school get out?
      i have two weeks of classes, then finals left


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        Well, exams are in mid-June (don't have the exact dates yet), then school gets out shorlty after. Probably around the 20th. But I haven't been in school hardly at all this year and if I do any exams it will only be language. It is a short course and I may be able to do it on my own between now and then. If I could just get a little better. These days I can hardly walk and I have to spend most of each day and night in the bathroom. I have tried sudying in the bathroom but it is not easy! Oh well.
        Next year if I am not well enough to go out to school we are going to try to find teachers who can tutor me at home, but even if we can find them it is so expensive and we really can't afford is going to be a strain. (You have to pay them a full teacher's salary - do they think we're made of money!?)
        Right now, even though I have to repeat grade 11, I am not too worried about school. Just trying to get to the point where I can take the 5 minute car ride to my doctor's appointments, it is a challenge.
        I hope that you do well in all your exams. What courses are you taking? Good luck!