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First day of school...*hyperventilates*

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  • First day of school...*hyperventilates*

    This board is looking kind of dead, and I thought today would be an appropriate day to make a post.
    I go back to school today after missing all of last year and half of the year before; will anyone even remember me?
    I couldn't get an appointment with my guidance counsellor, so I have to hang around all afternoon today waiting to see her. My schedule is totally messed up. I have to get it fixed cause classes start tomorrow. I have a ton of new teachers this year so I have to go through the whole process of explaining my disease and why I am in this situation, and they will probably think I am crazy. I have to do all of my last year's courses at home, at the same time as I am doing all of THIS year's courses at school. I am going to go insane. :eek:
    I still haven't figured out how I am going to manage the three flights of stairs that I have to go up and down about 50 times a day at school, cause I can hardly walk on flat ground! I can't get into my uro until the 12th and I've been waiting more than a month. I'm hoping he will have some ideas on pain management. I was going to try TENS and carry it in a tote bag with me at school until I realized the one my grandmother left us is HUGE and heavy, way too big to fit in anything and we can't afford to get a new one.
    I am scared!
    I guess I need some wishes of good luck.

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    Oh yeah I forgot to say this is (hopefully) my last year of high school.


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      My husband had to take his regular classes and night classes his senior year in high school. He said it was hard (uh, you knew that right? ) He did say that scheduling is a problem, but really if your teachers know what kind of workload you have on you they ususally find a way to work with you. As for IC and school, I had it in high school. I found that it helps a lot if you go to the bathroom between every class, whether you have to go or not. You can get one of those backpacks that roll like a suitcase and carry your books that way. I found that if I went between every class I had to bring most of my books with me if I thought I couldn't get back to my locker and to the bathroom in time. I also learned what classes it was okay to leave for a potty break. I found that I could not leave a math class for anything or else I was lost when I got back, same with chemistry. Try to find what classes it is best not to miss any of and try to find the best time during the class to go, at the start, the end, etc. I wish you luck, have a great year! Lisa
      God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging......The LORD Almighty is with us the GOD of Jacob is our fortress." Psalm 46:1-3,7

      May God bless our nation


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        Thank you Lisa! Don't worry I am a pro at handling school with IC ('ve had it since grade 2, so I guess I should be used to it by now right?).
        I know you're going through a really hard time right now from your other posts, and I wish you luck back.


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          Drama_Queen~why don't you contact Jill about that tens unit? She might beable to hook you up with something that you can afford.

          BEST WISHES to YOU
          Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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            p.s. you can call her collect
            Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".