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  • Hey its lil girl!

    Hey everyone!
    Well lately i have been feeling a lil better and i recently found a new group of friends who r very supportive. WEll anyways all was good til today... i got a job which is good but our trainig session is from 6-830 and i dont know y but for some reaason my IC gets worse in the evening. I;m so worried that i'll get it and that iwill not b able to go to the bathroom not to mention the fact everyone who works this is a teenager and most r not very understanding. Please help me!!!!

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    HEY!!!! Whats up? Very Cool you found a good circle of friends. That job thing...very nice. But I see where you'd be concerned. What kind of job is it? Could you call ahead or show up a little early and explain to whoever in charge that when you gotta go, you gotta get up to go. Have you thought of getting maybe a medic-alert bracelet. There's info about it here in the "patient handbook' here on line. Personally I think the general public takes it more seriously when they see that bracelet with the caduceus on it, ya know. Well I hope all is going well, you seem to be doing beter than your 1 st post. I wish you the best of luck with your training and hope IC doesnt do a sneak attack on you!
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      If I know I'm going to be in a meeting or something, I just don't drink any fluids for a couple of hours beforehand (it helps somewhat). And well, if you gotta go - you gotta go! Just find out where the washroom is when you get there so that when you do have to go, you can do it with minimal interruption. Sometimes others notice less than we think they do. If anybody says anything, you can just say something like "I guess drinking 2 pitchers of lemonade before I came wasn't such a good idea". I know it's a lie, but it's up to you -- sometimes I just don't want to get into it with brand new people who I've just met.