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  • Welcome teens!!!!

    I am so glad to see that this board is being used. I am the adult moderator for this board. My name is Julie B and I have had IC since I was about 15, but not diagnosed until I was 38 (I am 40 now...I know that sounds old, hee,hee) I have three teens myself. A daughter who is graduating next week who is 18, another daughter who is a freshman and 15, and a son who is finishing 7th grade and he is 13. Although I feel bad that any young person has to have this disease, I hope you are going to find a lot of help and support here. Never never hesitate to e-mail me personally if you have a question or concern about something. Maybe you don't feel like posting something personal, or maybe there is something posted here that bothers you. It is my job to make sure this is a safe place for you all to work on getting as healty as you possibly can. I will include my e-mail here, but you can also click on the link at the top of the first page of this board....Hugs to you all...Julie B

    [email protected]

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