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  • i feel so alone

    I feel so alone and sad. I feel as if no one in the world my age understands what im goin through. I miss out on all the usual high school activities b/c of this. just one morning i would like to wake up and b normal. i want my life back. i just wanna have fun thats all. all my hopes and dreams have been shattered and lately i feel as if there is no point in livng. please someone help me.

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    Originally posted by lil girl:
    I feel so alone and sad. I feel as if no one in the world my age understands what im goin through. I miss out on all the usual high school activities b/c of this. just one morning i would like to wake up and b normal. i want my life back. i just wanna have fun thats all. all my hopes and dreams have been shattered and lately i feel as if there is no point in livng. please someone help me.
    lil girl,
    (((A big hug too you)))I was diagnosed with ic in highschool too I was just turning seventeen( am 21 now)I know what you mean, you feel so isolated.i used to hope for the same thing, that could I just be normal! It doesnt seem fair that we have to go through this so young, its alot to handle. Lil girl, I promise you things can get better. you dont have to give up all your hopes and dreams......... what meds are you taking for your ic right now?? With the right meds for your body, can help your ic symtoms alot, same with diet if you stay away from foods that bother your bladder
    you will feel so much better.I know it may seem hopeless now, but dont give up!feel free to e-mail me if you want to chat or have questions hugs mel e-mail addy is: [email protected]

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      right now i am on detrol and antibiotics but nothin seems to really b helpin... plus i frogt to mention that i am only 14. thank u very much for the support


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        lil girl,

        I am sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time at such a young age. I have been having bladder problems my whole life. ( I am only 25 now) I am also on detrol, I feel it helps some. I will be thinking of you and sending you thoughts for better days.



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          ((((lil girl))))

          I'm sorry you have to deal with IC at a time when you should be playing and going to dances and football games and all the rest. My heart goes out to you but please know that we are always here if you need to talk about it. Don't let go of your dreams yet, okay?? You CAN accomplish anything!!

          Lesa )
          "The first time her laughter unfurled it's wings into the wind....
          We knew that the world would never be the same."
          ~Brian Andres

          Baby Kaitlyn was born on 07/08/01 after a successful pregnancy with IC!


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            Hi lil' girl. You poor little peanut! 14 years old, goodness! That's a sin! I'm sorry, things must be so confusing right now. I remember 14 and all the stuff that went with it. (I'm 29 now--God I wish I could've stayed 17 forever!)

            Well you mentioned detrol and antibiotics. Detrol didn't quite work well enough for me. so I switched to DitropanXL. What are the antibiotics you have an infection. And which antibiotics are you taking?

            Don't give up hope (Hope is a very important thing) True, you may have to modify you're diet, take some pills--beleive me there will be days when you scream, cry, yell about how unfair it is. You think "no one else has to do this crap!"--I've been there.

            Ugh...think of it this way though, you give up some problem foods and take some return you get proms, dates, concerts, dances, movies, malls, someplaces & things that undoubtedly get you grounded (but oh-so-worth it!) Don't worry things will get better....educuate yourself, remember that nobody will take care of your body, only you have that power.

            With IC alot of this crapola is trial and error. Don't give up, keep coming back here when you need to let it all out. Here's my email if ya need it :
            [email protected]
            Sending lots of understanding hugs (I'm still a kid at heart too!)
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              I am not in high school anymore but I had terrbile IC in high school. Let me tell you some of the things I did to get through the day with the least amount of pain and embarrasement. First, I carried as many books with me as I could......all of my classes to lunch time. That way I did not have to waste time going to my locker. I go to the bathroom instead. That way I never have to leave class to go. I would only have to wait about 50 min. to go. I would also only wear comfortable clothes. Jeans that press hard against your stomach area will cause bladder pain and more frequency, buy them a size larger than you need and then wear long you can undo the buttons if you need to in class. NO BELTS. They only make the pressure worse. I did go to dances and games when I really wanted to, and again put myself on a schedule. I would go to the bathroom every fix my hair.....etc, to give myself my privacy. I hope some of this helps you. Lisa
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              May God bless our nation


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                Hugs to you LilGirl. I am 41 now, but have had IC all my life. I knew where every bathroom was in every building. I too carried all my books with me so that I could use the time in between classes to go to the bathroom. Detrol did not work me and neither did Ditropan or antibiotics. I do not see the point of using antibiotics if there is no infection. You must be aggressive with your doctors and when something isn't working keep going back and telling them. You are soooo young to be dealing with doctors who are so often arrogant and stuck in their ways. If your doctor is not responsive to your needs, switch to one who is. Also, do you have someone who can go to your doctor appointments with you -- a mom or an aunt -- maybe someone who is on the outspoken side and won't let the doctors just brush you off. You are not at all alone - we are all here for you. I think IC forces us to grow up a little more quickly than our happy-go-lucky colleagues -- but that is not necessarily a bad thing - you will get more out of life because you learn to focus in on what's important to you. Good luck to you. Keep us posted on how you are doing - you don't need to suffer through this alone. And remember there are lots of success stories - so keep up hope. At least you have the internet that so many of us didn't have when we were your age. You will get through this!


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                  oh (((((((((((((((((lil girl)))))))))))))))))
                  Sweetie, you will never be alone again now that you have found us.

                  We will be here for you, helping you, caring for you, advising you, listening to you, loving you....... anything you need. ok?

                  I'm sitting here crying so much for you, it's just so sad that you have to deal with this so young. I feel so sad for all of us dealing with this awful disease. We need you just as much as you need us. More maybe.

                  Don't give up your hope lil girl... we'll just sit here and hang on to it for a little while if you need us to. We'll care for you the times you don't feel you can care anymore, the times you feel you can't go on... we'll hold you up until you feel you can again.

                  We know how awful it feels out in your world all alone, just always know that we are right there with you, and we DO know what you are feeling. You'll never be alone again.

                  Sending prayers your way......
                  mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>