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  • thought a new message was needed!

    Hi everyone,
    This is my first time one here, and I was sad to see there were no recent posts! Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 18 years old right now, and was diagnosed with IC when I was 15. I had a really tough time in high school when I first developed my symptoms, and was frequently depressed. I refused to go to my junior prom because I felt like a freak getting all dressed up just to spend a large portion of the night in the bathroom. I also didn't date much because when my symptoms first developed, I had a disastorous date with a guy that I really liked but thought I was bulimic because I kept rushing off to the bathroom during dinner, and at the end of our date he told me that he didn't want to get involved with a "girl with issues." I had problems with my first job because I didn't want to tell my supervisors about my IC, kept sneaking off to the bathroom, and was almost fired for my "unreliability." I had problems with my insurance company, which sent me only to the worst doctors, who even after my cystoscope, insisted that my problem was purely psychological. All in all, my high school experience was tough. Sometimes I thought that having IC made me grow up too fast, and made me tackle more responsibilities than I could handle. However, now that I'm in college, I discovered that the maturity I gained from dealing with these problems have helped me discover the the important things in life. My symptoms have not improved much, but my outlook on life certainly has. I finished my first semester of college with a 3.8 GPA. I have a great job on campus, and I volunteer at a local elementary school. If I can accomplish all of this, so can you! So basically, my message is don't give up! If you ever feel like you need someone to talk to who could understand, my email address is [email protected] Please feel free to contact me.


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    I'm far beyond high school, but just wanted to welcome you to the IC Network and tell you how much I admire your outlook on life. You will succeed.

    Stay safe

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      You are a very strong person. You have a positive attitude:that's what it takes to cope with IC. I wish you well.




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        Somebody my age!!!
        I am 19, diagnosed with IC four years ago. Boy the time flies. I am currently in college (freshman) at a nice private school. My school is wonderful, and they make it easier for me to continue my education. I am taking 12 hours this semester--in part because i missed my finals last semester and had to make them up. I would love to chat with you
        my email is [email protected]
        and adidastjoy is the screen name i use for instant messages


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          I am 17 and have interstitial cystitis in addition to fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and possible endometriosis. I have been sick since I was 14, and was at times home schooled. I am having a lot of problems with fatigue in addition to pain, and even more so lately. I have always kept my grades up (I have a 3.8 at this point, too!) though I have been so tired and in pain lately I am really behind in my schoolwork.

          I would appreciate any ideas--- I do not want to be home schooled again, though at this point I am not seeing a way to avoid it.

          My thoughts and prayers,

          ([email protected])


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            When I was in high school, i was too sick to go for a long time. I went on homebound instruction--i hated it. If there had been any way I could have gone to school I would have. Even now in college, i am having some problems. I spent fourteen days in the hospital last semester. Fortunally, my teachers made it easy to finish up. You should really listen to your body and do what it says


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              You not alone hun. I and everyone around
              understands. It hurts and sucks but there
              are theropys and cures you just have to
              look around. I am and have been.