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taking pyridium long term, good or bad?

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  • taking pyridium long term, good or bad?

    ive been taking over the counter pyridium like AZO for a year at least 3-4 days a week. my doctor siad for me to stop because it wasnt good for me but nothing else stoped the burning for me so i continued taking it, it slowly lost its effect on me each brand one at time till i was going through a pack of 32 every 2-3 days so now she put me on a prescription for pyridium which help a lil more... are there any long term side effect that could ruin my future?

    i do take kidney a liver supplements that help keep those clean so i dont get a build up from prolonged medication use.

    i want to stop but nothing else helps only pyridium.

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    Pyridium is not meant to be taken long term. There are other medications that might help you --- you really need to talk to your doctor about substituting something else.

    Stay safe

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      I agree with Donna. You need to discuss this with your Dr. because it is not intended for long term use.

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        Urelle is similar. I've been taking it for over a year with success.
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          I have taken pyridium forever. I don't take it everyday but there are times when I HAVE to have it. I have a regimen I follow. I use my hot water bottle that I lay across my pelvic area, my rice filled sock that I heat in the microwave that I place between my legs in the vaginal area, and a pyridium. I put my legs up on two pillows and put on my headset and get my Ipod and put on one of my audio books and let Miss Jane Austen take me away. The warmth of the hot water bottle in the pelvic area and the warm rice in the vaginal area against the urethra is so much more comforting. I also put a few moist cotton makeup remover towels in the labia area because I find the moisture makes it much more comfortable with the heat. (Am I allowed to say these things?) I don't and would never use pyridium everyday or for long term use but I use it whenever I have a bad flare and in the past 3 months I would say I have taken it maybe 4 times. My mother died of kidney disease in 1979 and as far back as I can remember as a child she had *orange pee* and always took pyridium so I know it has been around forever. I got sick once in Norway and unfortunately had a 6 mm kidney stone stuck in my ureter and my IC was acting up and as a matter of fact was not even aware that I had IC at the time. I had diagnosed myself when I was in nursing school after reading a small blurb about it in a publication. It was just something someone mentioned in an article...and not important enough for the masses and not enough had suffered from it yet. I had not been diagnosed by a urologist and asked the doctor for in Oslo for some pyridium and he told me it was not available there. He said it had been discontinued for use thru Europe. I had a friend in Germany who was a doctor and he told me the same thing, that it was not allowed in that country either so I asked him what they gave to women who suffered from the problem. He told me just strong ibuprofen and codeine. I felt very fortunate we have it available in this country and I stockpile mine. For some reason it works better for me than Prosed so I prefer it as an analgesic. Then again it is a matter of what works for one does not work for all. At one time or another I think I have tried some of the things that I have seen some of you mention on this board. Some worked but very few did. It has been hit and miss. Good luck to all of us.


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            I've asked 2 pharmacists (both who routinely fill my rx's) and was told that pyridium is ok to take regularly barring any serious medical conditions involving the kidneys or liver (ie: disease).
            Only your rx'ing medical team can tell you whether a med is safe for you or not. Dont hesitate to ask your Dr and pharmacist. (I personally ask my pharmacist questions that pertain to meds; Dr's dont know all of the potential issues meds can cause).

            Wishing you well.
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              I take the AZO Standard as the dosage recommendation says on the package. I usually take this monthly if needed.
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                I have been taking Pyridium daily for about 2 years now. I was taking the over the counter AZO stuff before but it didn't work as well so I was given the really stuff. I too asked my Pharmacist if it was okay to take it daily. He told me that it was fine. So that has been the case for 2 years.
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                  Hi, rpinion1 ~ I have also been told by my doc that I can take Pyridium as needed an shouldn't worry. It does help me and I'm thankful I have it. I know it's an individual thing between you and your Dr as he/she knows your overall health.

                  Take care...
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                    I think you should take VESICARE it is a lot safer than pyridium and you can take it for a long time.